Wednesday, April 29

May sees us stocking up again with a large variety of kits from Revell of Germany

April’s new items from Revell are more like being May’s new releases due to the date of their official release. However all good things come to those who wait as there is a really wide variety of genuinely impressive kits in their plethora of new pretty things. Let’s see what Revell has in store this month in our preview…
Revell’s May 2015 new items

Product number 04869
Scale 1:32
Skill level 5 very challenging
Single components 230 
After the Bf-109 the Fw190 was the second standard fighter in the German Luftwaffe. The aircraft proved to be both versatile and very robust. The Fw190 F-8 heavy fighter-bomber was produced in large numbers from the beginning of 1944 onwards. The F series was developed in 1943 specifically for the ground attack role. A 700 kg (1500 lb) bomb load could be carried on five external attachment points. The fuselage armour plating and the wing spars in the area of the main landing gear were strengthened, otherwise the F-8 corresponded to A-8 fighter version. After mass production had started a new wooden bladed propeller and a bubble-shaped canopy with reinforced head armour-protection were also installed on the F-8. From the beginning of 1944 until the end of the war more than 6,500 Fw190 A-8 and F-8 versions had been delivered. 

- New mouldings
Length 282 mm
Number of parts230
Wingspan 327 mm
- Rotating propeller
- Finely detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints
- A choice of open engine cowling, MG hatch or extended flaps
- Super detailed BMW 801 radial engine with exhaust manifold
- A SC 500 or a SC250 bomb under the fuselage
- Four SC 50 bombs under the wings
- Two fully detailed MG 131 machine guns
- Moving rudder and ailerons
 - Detailed under-carriage
- A choice of normal or curved cockpit canopy
- Detailed cockpit with side consoles and rudder pedals
- Detailed instrument panel
- Tail wheel can be mounted in either the retracted or extended position
- Large display stand with multiple flight positions
- Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Fw 190 F-8/R1, black 6 , St.SG.10, Czech Territory, 1945
- Fw 190 F-8, black 2 , St.SG.10, Czech Territory, 1945

Product number 07425
Scale 1:24
Skill level 5 very challenging
Single components 292
The MB Actros has been in production since 1996. With the introduction of this heavy goods vehicle Mercedes-Benz introduced electronic engine and transmission control, an electronically controlled braking system and inter-connectivity in commercial vehicles as part of their so-called Telligent Strategy. Not just the long period of production nor the high sales figures but also multiple awards of Truck of the Year prove the success of this tractor unit. The Actros ultimately sets the standard as a measure of reliability in commercial vehicles. 
The first major modifications occurred in 2003, the second facelift was undertaken in 2008. With this stage - internally designated as Model Project 3 (MP = 3) - the latest modification of the first generation Actros is complete. Furthermore, the Actros continues to offer a confident and completely successful mix of efficiency, performance and comfort. The Actros is powered by the proven six-cylinder OM 541 engine with a cubic capacity of 12 litres or the OM 542 - V8 engine with 16 litres cubic capacity. They produce between 320 and 598 bhp respectively and both meet the Euro 5 emission standard. Both engines have proved themselves in the past with their pulling power and concurrent fuel economy. Unlike its predecessor the radiator grill of the MP 3 has only three ribs which gives it a much more contoured appearance.
- Detailed, multi-part 8 cylinder turbo-diesel engine
- Multi-part body
- 2 axle chassis
- Detailed chassis with separate additional parts
- Spare wheel including mounting
- Moving front-wheel steering linkage
- Authentic wheel rims
- Rotating wheels
- Detailed suspension
- Side panels
- Large area windscreen
- Detailed driving cab including interior detail - can be tilted forwards
- Rear view mirrors and windscreen wipers
- Instructions for three livery versions
- Faithfully reproduced decal set including number plates from various countries (D, A, B, CH, E, F, GB, I, NL, S, PL, RUS)

Product number 04086
Scale 1:144
Skill level 3 advanced
Single components 35 
The MiG-31 is still one of the world's most powerful long-range interceptors. In 2003 a standard combat ready MiG-31 used by the Russian Air Force set up an incredible 22 world records.
- Structured surfaces
- Undercarriage for the ground display position
- Pylons for external stores
- Guided missiles
Decals for one version of the Russian Air Force:
- MiG-31 Foxhound - 17 RF-92367 - Russian Air Force 2014

Product number 03242
Scale 1:35
Skill level 5 very challenging
Single components 238
Since its introduction in 2000 the Dingo Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) has developed into a true all-rounder within the Bundeswehr. Both Dingo 1 and 2 provide an ideal combination of protection, cross-country mobility and speed. The ATF Dingo 2 GE A3.3 Patsi version has been used in Afghanistan since 2012 as a reconnaissance and security vehicle. The 6 occupants enjoy a maximum of protection thanks to excellent land-mine protection afforded by the V-shaped deflector under the safe cell. For self-protection, the Dingo is normally equipped with a type FLW 200 weapon platform which can be optionally fitted with a .50 calibre (12.7 mm) machine gun or an automatic 40 mm grenade launcher. Technical improvements over its predecessors include amongst other items optimization of crew protection, a hard-top over the cargo platform and IR driving lights to improve night vision capability.
- Surfaces with finely engraved detail

- Anti-slip surfaces
- Doors can be mounted in the open or closed position
- Detailed interior
- Detailed FLW 200 weapon platform
- A choice of either .50 calibre MG or 40 mm grenade launcher
- Hard-top cargo platform cover
- Detailed chassis
- Rubber tyres
- Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Bundeswehr, ISAF, Afghanistan, 2012
- Bundeswehr, ISAF, Afghanistan 2013
- Bundeswehr, 2015

Product number 05204
Scale 1:142
Skill level 3 advanced
Single components 61 
From Newfoundland to Norway the European fishing fleet operates daily round the clock battling against the elements and the pitiless sea. On a three week trip, the trawler will only be fishing for about one week, the other two will be spent travelling to and from the fishing grounds. This trawler is equipped with electronics such as navigation aids, echo sonar and an automatic warning system which shows the density of an incoming shoal of fish. 
Vessels of this type trawl their nets on the right (starboard) side. The crew is 19 men. 
- Detailed hull
- Deck structures
- Rail and inflatable life-raft containers
- Radar masts
- Two masts
- One life boat
- Double cable winch on deck
- Two figures
- Authentic decal set for following version:
- Northsea Fishing Trawler MV Ross Jackal , Great Britain, 1961

Product number 07370
Scale 1:24
Skill level 4 challenging
Single components 82
Ferrari built the F50 super-car between 1996 and 1997 as a limited edition with only 349 cars. The two-seater offered pure racing technology. Its V12 engine with a displacement of 4.7 litres, a cylinder bank angle of 65 degrees and five valve technology had already proven itself in Formula 1. Systematically developed composite materials were used in the chassis and body in order to save weight. 
The front air ducts, side air intakes and wide curved wind-shield optically emphasize the cars racing sport origin. Many curved surfaces and the dominant aerodynamically shaped rear wing form the basic body shape. The 520 brake horsepower road going racing car offered a top speed of 325 km/h (201 mph) and an acceleration time of 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph).
- Two piece, fully detailed body-work
- Authentically reproduced interior with separate seats
- Separate, opening rear bonnet with transparent panel
- Multi-part twelve cylinder engine
- Detailed wheels and engine mountings
- Moving steering linkage
- Separate exhaust system
- Typical low profile tyres
- Authentic decal set with various registration plates (D, F, NL, GB, S, B, I, A, CH)

Product number 03106
Appearance date April 2015
Scale 1:72
Skill level 5 - very challenging
Single components 194 
Introduced in 1985, the T-80 BV features blocks of explosive reactive armour (ERA) which are fitted to the vehicle´s front end, the sides and to the turret. When a vehicle is hit by HEAT projectile, that particular ERA block explodes to minimize the effect of penetration. In addition to more conventional ammunition, the 125 mm 2A46 main gun of the T80 BV is also capable of firing 9M112 Kobra (AT-8) missiles. The 12.7 mm NSVT anti-aircraft machine gun fitted to the commander´s cupola is used for air defence. Weighing roughly 12.5 t the vehicle is powered by a gas turbine which develops some 1050hp. Max. speed 80 km/h.
- Complete with ERA blocks
- Searchlight
- Structurally detailed surfaces
- Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
- Auxiliary fuel tank
- Detailed MG
- Movable turret
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Westgruppe der sowj. Streitkräfte, Letzlinger Heide, DDR, 1985
- Rückverlegung nach Russland, Berlin-Lichtenberg, DDR, 1994
- Parade, Moskau, 2005
- Parade, Khabarovsk, Russland, 2014

Product number 02451
Scale 1:35 
The First World War also referred to by historians as the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century was waged from 1914 to 1918. The German Army's advance into France at the beginning of the war was soon halted and from thence onwards the battle of the trenches decided the run of events on the Western Front. Great Britain stood at the side of its ally France. The end of the war was sealed with the Armistice on 11th November 1918.
Product specifications
Number of figures 12
Number of parts 451
- Four German infantry
- Four French infantrymen
- Four British infantrymen
- Equipment and clothing corresponding to the year 1914
- Wide range of accessories such as guns and equipment allowing individual customizing of figures
- Authentic poses
- Finely detailed facial features
- Realistic clothing

Product number 39066
With the application of realistic signs of weathering are applied, a model is practically brought to life. With the six special pigments included in the set, any model can be given a truly authentic look. 
Various ageing techniques are explained in the accompanying instructions.
Contains six colours of pigment:
- Mud Green
- Dark Brown
- Rust Red
- Sand Yellow
- Deep Black
- Snow White 
These new items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month