Friday, May 1

Asleep at the wheel? MiniArt’s new WLA rider takes a nap before release…

What better time for a nap than in war time and on the top of a motorcycle? Well MiniArt have their excellent WLA Motorbike combined with this new sleepy GI in their new” in Progress” list. Let’s have a look at him in our preview…
MiniArt Model
Kit no# 35176
1/35th scale
This kit contains 119 parts. 
Box contains a model of one motorcycle with one figure.
BOX: 290x190x45 mm
The complexity of new models hitting the market demands an equally lifelike figures to ride and to interact with the riders of that kit. Miniart’s WWII WLA Harley Davidson Motorcycle is .a complicated but oh-so very rewarding kit to make. The levels of detail far exceed the much older Tamiya kit of the bike made decades ago and Mantis Miniatures has not only some figures but some accessories to bring the environment around the bike into the 21st century.

From the site "Riding Vintage" you see lots of pictures of riders asleep on thier bikes..
The Harley WLA was often called 'The Liberator' as it was seen ridden by soldiers liberating occupied Europe – it was used in many of the theatres of war the US had its troops in, as well as any of the Allied nations who also used this bike. 
The bike and the packs and personal protection holsters were a useful addition to any rider out there all alone on the battlefield as well as a heavy duty carrying rack in the rear that could support an ammunition box or two radios, and saddlebags could be hung from its sides. A scabbard placed up front was sized large enough for the driver to tuck a Thompson submachine gun or a rifle or carbine in. On the other side of the front wheel, another ammo box could be attached.

 Photo etch parts make this bike a real winner
The kit combines this award wining motorcycle kit with the new figure of a GI asleep on the safe perch of his WLA motorbike. All he needs is a Mexican style hat as he is laid back completely comfortable on his bike – oblivious to the world around him.
The pictures of the test kit made up in progress
The two colour marking choices are here.
This kit is still in progress – keep an eye on the MiniArt Site or just lock in here for more info on MiniArt’s new stuff.