Tuesday, April 7

MiniArt's "Liberators" come driving and riding onto your modelling bench with improved moulds...

Bikers, truckers, limo drivers, pumpers, leaners, fuel sniffers, both hands on the wheel-types and "nut men"  all get a look in with Miniart's latest kits in the mix...We have news of further improvement in their moulding as well.
Latest kits in progress from MiniArt.

Box: 290x190x45 mm
This   kit contains 117  parts. 
Box contains a model of one motorcycle with figure..
MiniArt is promising some new mould technology with improved quality in their new kits. They sent us a new message about their new moulding of figures especially and the improvement in their moulds from this kit onwards.

"Dear all, we are pleased to inform that we have found the way to improve quality of our figure's sets. We were searching the way of quality improving for a while. And we finally found it! The new technology of mould making allow us to achieve better quality of figure kits. And we would like to share with you test shots of first quality improved sprues 35168 U.S. Military Policeman w/Motorcycle.

From now on all our new figures sets will be released only using this new technology to propose you the best quality figures!"

Great news! so the "Liberator" and it's MP rider will be the next kit - have a look at the new sprues for this figure...

Here is an intrepid rides who reminds me very much of the box art ...
Of note more than anything on this bike are the machine gun holster - the saddlebags and the canvas front shield... hmmmm
The Harley WLA was often called 'The Liberator' as it was seen ridden by soldiers liberating occupied Europe – it was used in many of the theatres of war the US had it’s troops in, as well as any of the Allied nations who also used this bike. The bike and the packs and personal protection holsters were a useful addition to any rider out there all alone on the battlefield as well as a heavy duty carrying rack in the rear that could support an ammunition box or two radios, and saddlebags could be hung from its sides. A scabbard placed up front was sized large enough for the driver to tuck a Thompson submachine gun or a rifle or carbine in. On the other side of the front wheel, another ammo box could be attached.This kit contains all of this and delicate photo etched parts to suit the thin features of this bike

CAD Images of  the model
Pictures of the bike sprue
And some pictures of the kit (which is the best in it's class as far as i am concerned) with the figure on it which looks pretty darn nice as well!
The other figure kit released this month needs four wheels instead of two...

BOX: 260x162x35 mm
This kit contains 44 parts. 
Box contains the models of  five  figures.

These are five figures of US servicemen looking after their vehicles. - one is pouring in "gas" from a "jerry" can, the second has both hands on his trucker clock while he is driving along, another is pumping up a tyre with a hand driven pump whilst the other is leaning over a fender in a useful generic pose - the last figure is seeing to his nuts with his tyre wrench. All of these guys look like you could use them anywhere and in a lot of different scenarios and with different vehicles.

Photos of the figures made up - they look plenty useful as well - 

These figure are in the "in planning" phase right now so they are on the radar - we will build them up for you when the kits arrive here.

Check out all of Miniart's kit on their great site