Thursday, April 9

New products out of the "Ready Room" straight to you from Barracuda Studios.

New goodies from Barracuda Studios are always a welcome sight for modellers – check in here as we have some great new products in all three major scales that look very, very good..

Barracuda Studios New Items April 2015

Roy Sutherland has sent us a bunch of new shots and info on his latest items from Barracuda Studios. Some great 32nd scale seats, some 48th scale wheels and some very detailed and fine 72nd scale stuff that should all make a difference to your model – 

Four new wheel sets in 1/72nd scale plug some gaps in the high quality detailed wheel line for British aircraft. The Defiant wheels are designed directly to replace the undersized kit wheels and basic tailwheel in the brand new Airfix kit. 
The 1/48th scale Bearcat Wheels are a first. First time the early style Bearcat wheels have ever been modelled, as far as we know. These were fitted to all F8F-1 Bearcats. The separate slotted hub and brake ring add dimension and detail to these wheels. The late style wheels have never been accurately done before either. These will be a huge improvement to any Bearcat kit you fit them to. Designed from careful measurements taken off actual Bearcat wheels.

Finally, the WWI British wicker seats in 1/32nd feature stunning detail. These seats were not fitted as standard equipment, but pilots ordered them from catalogues and had them fitted to their mounts. Not sure if the aircraft you are modelling had a wicker seat fitted? Who cares? It going to look amazing and cool!

Let’s have a look at what’s new…

British WWI Wicker Seat - No Belts
1:32 scale
Two different super detailed wicker seats as fitted to many WWI British aircraft. Sopwith Camel, Pup, Triplane, S.E.5a, DH.2, R.E.8, & more.

British WWI Wicker AGS SEATS - No Belts
1:32 scale
Two different super detailed wicker seats as fitted to many WWI British aircraft. Sopwith Camel, Pup, Triplane, S.E.5a, DH.2, R.E.8, more.

F8F-1 Bearcat Mainwheels
1:48 Scale
Accurate early mainwheels w diamond tread tires & slotted hubs on F8F-1s, including French AF and Blue Angels. Fits all Bearcat kits.

F8F-2 Bearcat Late Mainwheels
1:48 Scale
Accurate late style mainwheels w ribbed tires & cast hubs fitted to F8F-2s, including USN, USMC, most Warbirds and Air Racers. Fits all Bearcat kits.

Westland Whirlwind Mainwheels
1:72 Scale
 Super detailed, accurately sized and proportioned resin 4-slot Whirlwind (WWII fighter, not the helicopter) wheels with manufacturer's logo, tire data and super fine tire beading. Perfect replacements for the wheels in the Special Hobby, Pavla, and Airfix Whirlwind kits.

Hawker Tempest Mainwheels - Smooth Tread
1:72 Scale
This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate resin 32” 4-slot main wheels with smooth tires as fitted to Hawker Tempest V, Series II and later variants, such as the Mk II and Mk VI, when operating primarily from grass or unimproved airfields. Designed for all 1:72 Tempest kits, as well as wartime prototypes of the Martin Baker MB 5, Firebrand and DH Hornet.

British 4-Slot 32” Wheels - Block Tread
1:72 Scale
Super detailed wheels with staggered block tires, logos, tire data and extremely fine tire beading. As fitted to the Postwar Tempest, Firefly, Hornet, Sea Hornet, Barracuda V and Firebrand. For all 1:72 kits.

Bolton Paul Mainwheels and Tailwheel
1:72 Scale
Super detailed, accurate main wheels featuring logos and tire data with separate wheel brushes and new tail wheel to replace kit parts in new Airfix Defiant kit.  Will also improve the old tool Airfix kit and the Pavla Defiants. 
All of these new parts and everything else Barracuda sells are now available on their website
Also if you are Facebook Barracuda has started a new group with build galleries, news and fist looks at their new stuff called “The Ready Room” – it’s free of course to join up and there is some neat stuff on there.