Monday, May 11

Hold your water! Four new items from Verlinden that are sure to get you rapid firing…

Verlinden’s May items may even end up coming in June the way this year is motoring along – We thought we would show you a few pictures of the these new handy dio accessories to be released this month…

Verlinden’s May/June 2015 releases

Fury Stowage (Tamiya M4A3 E8)
1:35th scale  
In contrast to what could have become such a good film we have a nifty looking set to match your “Fury” Sherman tank you have been planning to build after you turned your blind eye to the historical inaccuracies and false sentiment of modern Hollywood….
Sigh.. Anyway this cream resin and paper box set is nothing like as bad as the movie. With it you can replicate the “Fury” tank pretty well as the parts replicate pretty well the parts of the tank you may have noticed in the movie – from the logs for protection of the sides of the hull, to extra jerry cans and C ration boxes, packs, spare helmets, 30.Cal ammo boxes and a complete .30cal mount, some spare track and even the showpiece the German helmet with a gas mask for the front! Well spotted all of this it’s making me think the movie wasn’t so bad after all!

Maus Engine & Transmission Compartments (Dragon)
Well that is what makes the mighty Maus tick – These cream resin parts make up the massive powerplant of the Maus to slip straight into the Dragon kit in 35th scale. Ten parts of cream resin make up this engine and cooling grates which can be displayed closed but much more fun to leave them open don’t you think?

Old Water Tower
This one should interest lots of model builders out there – In the tradition of Verlinden this is a much needed diorama piece that can be used anywhere that is brought to the masses so you don’t have to make it yourself – what a relief! The traditional thick beams are a platform for the rounded and very timeless looking rounded water tower with an octagon roof. This could be used anywhere from America and the old west right through to the continent of Europe in WWII. Also great for railway dioramas if you can fit something to match them round 35th scale…

Gatling Gun
..Where it stoops nobody knows – this is a lovely piece of engineering from Verlinden. Plastic tubing making up the gun barrels themselves the rest is in cream resin to form both the carriage and the wheels along with the gun body.
You can see by these pictures how it all details up once painted. It suits 54mm figures as it’s at 32nd scale and it would be a lovely piece just on its own. If not you could put it in any scenario that these guns might have been shipped to tip the balance - anywhere around the world in the late 19th century. 
All of these products are now available on the Verlinden website or their distributors worldwide.. 

We will be giving you constant updates of our very latest news here as well as on Verlinden’s Facebook site so please do check in and be part of our family there – but until next week when we will publish more updates here please have a safe week and enjoy your modelling!