Sunday, May 10

Two tanks a light airliner and a truck are Italeri's expected kits for June..

We nearly forgot to show you the newest kits from Italeri when we showed our preview of their WWI new kits – there are four other new models from this Italian fashion house this month we thought you might like to see all in today’s preview…

Italeri’s June 2015 new items

Kit no# 6523
1/35th scale
Contains one figure, photo etched fret and link and length tracks
The Panzerkampfwagen I was the first German mass-produced tank. Born in the early '30s to provide to the German army a light tank, able to stay in line with the constraints imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, which could be useful for the training of the crews of future Panzer Divisions and able to support the operations of the infantry. Armed with two 7.92 mm machine guns mounted in the turret, it was very manoeuvrable but characterized by a thin armour. The Ausf. B version was improved in the powertrain and in the track system. It took part in the Spanish Civil War and contributed to the first Wehrmacht winning operations during the Second World War as the invasion of Poland and France. However, due to its weapons and its armour, the Panzer I’s performance in combat was limited and became very soon rather old compared to other light tanks of the era.
Decals for 4 versions in German service 

1/24 scale
- Chromed Adhesive
The Renault R360 was presented on the market in 1980 but it was a well-known and already appreciated truck. In fact it was derives directly from the truck of the French company Berliet that became part of the Renault group in 1974. The new range of "heavy" trucks has been identify by the R letter followed by a number representing the engine horsepower. The Renault R360 was characterised by the adoption of a modern turbocharged 8V cylinders diesel engine capable of deliver 356 horsepower. 
From the “light” 4x2 version with a gross total weight of 19 tons to the “heavy” version with a gross total weight of 44 tons, the range was large and able to match several customer’s needs. One of the strengths or “R” truck series was the modern cabin with a comfort on board at the highest level for the standards of the time  The “R” series has had, thanks to Renault  sales and service network, a good commercial success.

Decals for 2 Versions

Kit no #1801
100% New Moulds
The ATR 42 was developed by the Italian-French manufacturer “Aeromobili da Trasporto Regionale” and making its first flight in the middle of ‘80s. The goal of the project was to create a twin-turboprop passenger aircraft that could be used as short-haul regional airliner. The low operating costs and the possibility to take off and to land on short runways were the main features of the small aircraft and were the base for the commercial success of the project. 
The ATR-500, introduced in the mid ‘90s, was the improved version and it adopts new engines and six-bladed propellers. Furthermore a dedicated military version, the ATR 42 MP “Surveyor” has been developed to perform maritime patrol duties. It is used by Italian Coast Guard, Capitanerie di Porto and Guardia di Finanza.

 Stand Base Included
Decals for 3 versions

 1/56th scale
Period: Second World War
Country: Germany
Skill: 1
Model Dim.: 10,7 cm
Box Dim.: 258 x 162 x 38 mm
100% new mould - tanker included 
WWll German military vehicle - easy assembly for war gamers with both long and short barreled guns included
here is the completed (tiny) kit:
Decals for 3 versions in German service
These kits are now available through Italeri’s distributors worldwide