Sunday, May 10

Three new feirce warriors from Pegaso from three corners of the world

We have a preview of three of the latest sculpts from Pegaso. These three proud and very dangerous looking warriors from three different times are very detailed and as you will see painted up very well. Thirdly they are all on sale now. Take a look in our preview.

New items for June 2015 from Pegaso

Fox Warrior
Code: 75-114
Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Painter: Danilo Cartacci
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 19/ Weight: 190gms
Size: 75mm
Scale: 1:24
 Price: € 37 
This Native American “Fox Warrior” we think was modelled on the warrior Black Hawk  who led both the  Sauk and Fox tribes - were known as the British Band, against European-American settlers in Illinois and present-day Wisconsin in the 1832.

He wears the trademark red headpiece and the skin of a fox that he hoped he would take on some powers from. The skin of the animal and the muscly appearance make him a fearsome looking warrior but this is only amplified by the studded club and large knife the warrior is wielding as he charged forward.

Code: 75-915
Sculptor: Richard Galicek
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 46/ Weight: 710gms
Size: 75mm
Scale: 1:24th
Price: € 85 
Celts used cavalry more than the layman might know during the wars especially against the Romans. The elaborately adorned Celt also bears the standard of his unit as he sits on his horse which had a thick platted mane and several decorations and fine ribbon like material.
Interesting to note are the two long haired enemies of the Celt attached to the horse’s bridle. There are three different heads attached to this horse so he has either been recently in battle or the horse and rider must be pretty smelly by now. 

Ronin, XVI sec.
Code: 90-064
Sculptor: Ebroin
Painter: Danilo Cartacci
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 20 /Weight: 380gms
Size: 90mm
Price: € 76
This Japanese warrior bears most of the marks of a classical Japanese fighter. The long hair and taciturn face of the sculpt is a contrast to the blood red armour of the samurai which sits atop his thick underclothing which served to remove some of the impact of the blows to the armour from the enemy. 
Danilo Cartacci painted this nice sculpt by Ebroin. The ease in which it was detailed is a testament to both the sculptor and painter here and an echo of what you too could achieve with some hard work and concentration..
These figures are now available directly from Pegaso’s online store