Saturday, May 2

Verlinden May 2015 kits are here...

Verlinden has some nice new resin novelties for us this month – from Roman times to the bitter winters of WWII to the modern airforce airfields of now. Let’s see what is on the way in our preview…

Verlinden’s May 2015 releases
1/32nd / 54mm
The early era Roman is seen in a cream resin 32nd scale (or 54mm) sculpt with a small base to form a vignette ready to go if you like. He us seen holding a short Gladius with it’s decorative scabbard and with an unusual shaped shield on his back this soldier struts forward on the battlefield  ready to take on anyone. 
The fact that his overlapped armour, shiny decorative helmet and caligai (boots) do not detract from is the affore-mentioned enemy’s head he is carrying in his left hand!

          German WWII 75mm Infantry Gun     
1/16th scale or 120mm
This large scale and very impressive gun of the Wehrmacht of WWII is the early war short barrelled 120mm type with a stubby and short look and some impressive detail. Both in its gun and limber and it’s treads on the tyres down to the spent and unused shells that come with the kit. All of the details to control the gun are present on this version as well as a sight and the detailed internal mechanisms. Not for a beginner but the premium end kit is something that will turn heads on the modelling comp tables.

          USAF Bomb loader MJ-1B (Late Model)       
The 48th scale version of the popular bomb loader for modern aircraft post WWII. This is the later version of the loader so it could be used anywhere from the 70’s onward. The internal venting of the engine is impressive as is the mechanism which can be built lowered or up in the air on the job. Sure to be a popular kit with the aircraft guys.

          German Tank Crew Winter Dress       
1/16th scale / 120mm
Perfect for the new Panzer IV kits coming out from Trumpeter or the P-38T from Panda – these winter weighted tankers in 1/16th scale are half and 1/3rd body sculpts but pretty nice for it. Wire is included on the headsets of each of these tankers and the detail of the medals on their chests, the wool in their hats and the folds of their clothes lead to a quite impressive looking trio.

All of these products are now available on the Verlinden website at the links above..