Sunday, July 26

A German with a nice rear end waiting for a pick up! AFV Club's Kfz.100 L4500A W/ Bilstein 3t crane built up in our preview…

This long awaited adaption from AFV Club is here and ready to make a nice little scene in your field diorama. We can already think of many ways you could display this kit. Let’s take a look at the new boxart and the built up kit in today’s preview…


GERMAN Kfz.100 L4500A W/ Bilstein 3T CRANE.
1/35th scale 
 Manufactured By: AFV Club 

The 4.5 Ton Büssing Nag truck was use by the Germans and their allies in many different forms and configurations during WWII. One of those varied specs was for the field repair and maintenance and pioneer brigades who used the truck with a three tone (and sometimes larger) crane on the back of the truck.
This truck was used mainly to repair fairly hefty loads (up to 3t as the name suggests) in field. So tank and aircraft engines and towing/ lifting jobs were all fair game to this jack of all trades truck.
The fact that it is based on the already very good Bussing truck from AFV club with addition to the crane just make this kit a little more interesting already. The model features include:

Crane base dust shield can be built opened or closed.
Outriggers can be built in operation with
2 extension stages optional or retracted.
The kit includes engine assembly hanger & towing trailer.
Tool box with fine wood texture and doors can be built opened.
The kit comes with repairing tools, jacks, pulley blocks,
Lifting hooks and steel cables.
Precision photo-etched parts included.
 And here she is all made up and ready to go to work
This kit is now available from AFV Club’s Distributors worldwide.