Monday, July 27

Bandai’s new 1/12th scale Sandtrooper figure model preview…

Hot on the heels of the model kits from Bandai of Star Wars characters, C-3P0, R2D2 and the other 1/12th Stormtrooper figures, we have more information on the Bantha-riding, droid-searching, side-by-side riding and generally a little bit dirty Sandtroopers of the Imperial forces. Let's take a look at this new kit in our preview…

Sand Trooper
Bandai Models

1/12th scale

Expected release in August 2015
Price ¥2,160/ USD $17.45/ €15.89 from HobbyLink Japan

The imperial Stormtrooper had his armour and suit adapted to cope with desert conditions. These so-called “Sandtroopers” were equipped with modified armour and equipment to withstand the harsh climates of desert planets like Tatooine and we saw their work in “Star Wars – A New Hope.” Now Bandai has adapted their very popular and easy to put together kit (need I mention cheap as chips) of the Stormtrooper for fans of this movie and sci-fi modellers.

The  Sandtroopers were always pretty cool int he first movie ( sorry the 4th)
This 1/12 version from Bandai comes with his black shoulder pads, a backpack, a T-21 blaster, several different hand parts, and a desert look base square for him to stand on. We are sure he could be a great mix with stormtroopers and scout troopers in this slowly growing but very popular scale and series from Bandai.

“Look sir, droids!”
Here were pictures of this kit on its announcement at the Japanese hobby show this year in May
We thought we would show you these officially just released facts from Bandai about this new kit…
Parts supplied in this kit help to reproduce a "Sand Trooper" in 1/12th scale from "Episode IV - A New Hope."  Additional backpack and weapon various scenes can be reproduced by the combination of your likes and taste. 
Shoulder pads are supplied in black, orange or white shoulder pads, so you can choose which rank you want.
Backpack supplied gives you the option of including and mixing and matching several parts so a multiple selection of back-packs can be reproduced.

Weapons include the T-21 fire formula light blaster, the E-11 blaster rifle, DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle and the SE-14r short-range combat pistol so you can further customize your trooper and suit him to the scene.
There is also a choice of various hand parts various hand parts, pointing, clenched as a fist, palm open. This will help you show him in a great deal of situations.Lastly, also included is a display base of the desert sands of the Great Dune Sea.

The body of the model kit’s joint motion can be moved in any way to reproduce the action of the trooper in many different angles and body poses. This further gives you the choice of customizing your own figure.
Accessories that come with this kit…
Backpack × 1
Shoulder pads × 1
Small pack × 3
T-21 fire formula light blaster × 1
E-11 blaster rifle × 1
DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle × 1
SE-14r short-range combat pistol × 1
Hand parts × 6 types (holding the weapons × 2 · palm open × 2 · right fist × 1 · left pointing × 1)

Hopefully your figure doesn’t end up looking like this shower from the movie – how unrealistic! :-)
This kit will be available in August and it is available now from the (lowest we could find) price of ¥2,160/ USD $17.45/ €15.89 from HobbyLink Japan