Friday, July 17

Construction Review: 51-Studio's 1/16th scale Resin figure of US Tanker 2nd Division 1945

 Recently a pretty highly anticipated movie called “Fury” hit the movie screens, and although the reviews for the movie were “mixed” to say the least (I thought it stunk) there were many good scenes and fairly accurate use of the right types of uniforms and equipment. The good side for us is the sculpting of Jeremy Wong of 51-Studio of his figure of the hero of the movie who strangely is unnamed in the artwork title. Jono puts him together in today’s review.

1/16th scale
Sculpted by: Jeremy Wong.
Boxart by: Jessica Lee.
Limited edition of 600.
Available from 51-Studio and their distributors worldwide
This tanker from 51-Studio features the sculpt of the likeness of the star of the new movie “Fury” which features the acting work of Bradley Pitt. Now the movie was ok but some of the battle scenes were a bit “how are you doin’.” The good thing to come from this was this sculpt that highly resembles Brad Pitt in the movie, he sports a regular GI tanker’s uniform of the 2nd division “Hell on Wheels”
The figure comes in five parts plus a resin base. The figure comes in two plastic bags with plenty of foam in the box to keep it safe during shipping. Here are the parts in medium grey resin including the base with tread marks from boot prints.
All the figure parts have a small resin plug that is easily removed and a small resin seam just in front of the left trouser seam that is easily removed with a sharp knife. 

Firstly the torso with wrinkly tanker's jacket and pants with high boots
The head sure looks like Mr Pitt doesn't it?
The arms of the figure with thick padded gloves which look very realistic. No parts need to be pinned as they all fitted together perfectly and when you take into account the folds in the jacket and the hand imprint of his hands on the trousers. This is really a clever bit of casting. The arms have locating plugs, which help to get just the right position of the arms when gluing.
And lastly the muddy earth that the soldier stands on, boot imprints and all..

 After removing all the mould plugs and a quick wash with warm soapy water, the figure goes together with no problem. I put a couple of brass pins in the feet and primed the figure with a coat of Tamiya grey primer ready for painting. And as I have said before with the Otto Carius figure. I had trouble with the Tamiya Grey Primer but using the same method as before fixed the problem.

Once again, Jeremy Wong’s sculpting is exquisite and there are no guesses as to who this tanker is – I’m sure Brad Pitt would like this figure on his mantel piece.
I thought the kit came up pretty well in the wash – here it is all together on the resin base and a stand in undercoat.
The work coming out of 51 Studio is stunning and I am really looking forward to seeing their next offering. Maybe someone will come up with a nice Aussie Vietnam Digger? Finger's crossed. (hint hint)

Jono Willis

Thanks to 51-Studio for letting me review these figures and now it’s time to get down to some painting.