Saturday, July 18

We preview the large haul of AK Interactive’s July 2015 Products..

AK Interactive’s new July Items show the guys have been hard at work. A new aces high magazine and a whole new Armour modelling magazine with a special new book on AFV modelling, several paint sets for aircraft and German tank essentials with even a shirt for your back! Let’s take a look at all that is new at AK Interactive this month…

AK Interactive’s July 2015 Products

Tanker Techniques Magazine 01
in eight languages
Over 100 pages
AK’s latest magazine publication is called ‘Tanker’, and we are sure that it will herald a new global benchmark for scale modelling magazines. This new approach and concept for a new quarterly magazine, focuses on amazingly realistic paint schemes and finishes, showing you how to accomplish them. 
They have the very best of modellers from around the world, showing you how to master not only the very latest techniques, but also the old standards too. All this is brought to you in a thoroughly modern publication and with our own inimitable character. 
Each issue will be available in 8 languages, with around 100 pages. You really can’t afford not to have this in your store! ‘Tanker’ will be published in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, and Hungarian.

Like the magazine – love the T-shirt! The Tanker magazine will have its own line of related products and accessories. The first release is this classic military green T-shirt, sporting the magazine’s logo of the drive wheel.

Available in English and Spanish Languages
This next issue of the aircraft modelling magazine “Aces High”, is fully dedicated to jet aircraft that participated in the Vietnam conflict. We travel to this hot and humid location and try to revive the atmosphere of those air battles between the small and agile MiGs, and their opponents from the USAF, US Navy, and Marines.
Each of the latter service branches is represented by one aircraft, featured within the pages of Aces High Issue Five, along with a pair of their opponents; two agile MiGs, in spectacular camouflage schemes. To complement these builds, we include a new gallery section and step-by-step articles which show you how to build a figure vignette, and also finish an auxiliary vehicle. 
So jettison your drop tanks, activate all weapon systems, and fire your afterburners, as we now take to the skies of Vietnam with the latest issue of Aces High magazine!

9,20 €
This set of four acrylic paints is essential for painting the aircraft used in the Southeast Asia theatre of operations in the 1960s-1970s, by the units subordinated to the USAF Tactical Air Command. The colours included in this set are also useful for painting models of aircraft used by the American allies, such as the F-5E Tiger II.
This set contains:

Available in English and Spanish Languages
130+ pages
23,90 €
4×2 introduces an entirely new concept with modelling publications. In this book, four modellers build a different subject - twice! Each specific vehicle is represented by each modeller in either an operational or factory fresh appearance, and again as a destroyed, abandoned, or museum/monument exhibited vehicle. A truly unique approach for the vehicle modeller. 
With this approach, we can bring you articles on the same model, but with entirely different techniques employed, or used in a different manner. Of course, you will be able to translate these techniques to other eras and different vehicles. 
4×2 has more than 130 pages, detailed step-by-step process descriptions and high quality photographs, as is standard with all AK publications.

9,20 €
This set includes four acrylic paints that allow the modeller to paint models of aircraft camouflaged in the Day Fighter Scheme, which was adopted by the RAF Fighter Command in August 1941, and remained in use until the end of the 1940s.
This set contains:

9,20 €
This set offers the modeller the three colours which were officially specified as the basic camouflage colours for Luftwaffe day fighters in 1941; namely RLM 74, 75 and 76. Although RLM 74 was officially withdrawn in mid-1944, all these colours were in fact still in use until the end of WW2. These colours were also extensively used for painting German night-fighter aircraft. The fourth colour included in this set, RLM 04 Yellow, was commonly used for painting various quick recognition markings that were applied throughout the entire war.
This set contains:

14 €
A new addition to AK’s figure paint range! This set of acrylic paints is designed for brush application, and allows you to paint the most commonly seen uniforms worn by American soldiers during WWII. This set contains six matte paints of extremely high quality, whose coverage and drying abilities will help you to maximise your potential. Colour formulation is based on original photographs and surviving uniforms.
This set contains:

16,20 € 
This new weathering set contains products for weathering vehicles of the modern Russian army and armed forces of many post-Soviet countries. It complements the two acrylic paint sets that we recently released, and contains two new enamel filters, as well as our very popular enamel wash for green vehicles, European earth pigment, and acrylic chipping color. Now you can purchase this as a single weathering package for all your modern Russian vehicle needs.
This set contains:

6,60 € 
A combination of acrylic paints in a small, basic set, representing the typical colors of German army vehicles, used between 1944 and 1945.
This set contains:

6,60 €
A combination of acrylic paints in a small, basic set, representing the most common colours of German army vehicles used between 1937 and 1944.
This set contains:

6,60 €
A combination of acrylic paints in a small, basic set, representing the colors of the tools carried by military vehicles.
This set contains:

6,50 €
A unique set of decals with a plethora of warning signs that are typically seen on cargo vehicles, tankers, cans, boxes, and everything else used to transport materials or items with hazardous properties. Add a touch of realism and colour to your vehicle kits, vignettes and dioramas!

All of these and several more new items are now available from AK Interactive’s web shop..