Tuesday, July 28

Hobbyboss’ August assortments have a soviet flavour with one exception…

The featured kits from Hobbyboss for august feature three Russians with one Intruder amongst the mix – see what we are talking about in our august preview.

New August  2015 Releases

Soviet T-35 Heavy Tank – (Pre-1938)
1/35th scale
Model #83842 
The T-35 was a Soviet multi-turreted heavy tank of the interwar period and early Second World War that saw limited production and service with the Red Army. It was the only five-turreted heavy tank in the world to reach production but proved to be slow and mechanically unreliable. Most of the T-35 tanks still operational at the time of Operation Barbarossa were lost due to mechanical failure rather than enemy fire. Externally it was large but internally the spaces were cramped with the fighting compartments separated from each other, with some of the turrets even obscuring crew hatches.
Model Features
Dimensions       Length: 281mm   Width: 98mm  
Total Plastic Parts       630+
Total Sprues     20 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and turret
Photo Etched Parts     2 sheets
The kit consists of over 630 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded turret and lower hull
>photo etched parts included

Soviet T-38 Amphibious Light Tank
1/35th scale
Model #83865
T-38 amphibious scout tank served with the Red Army in the Winter War with Finland in 1940, but was unsuccessful due to its light armament and thin armour, which was easily penetrated by rifle and light machine gun fire. In the confined terrain of Finland, the tank was a death-trap; it also did not do well in the early stages of World War II, and large numbers were captured by the Germans during Operation Barbarossa. The T-38 was rarely seen in direct combat after 1941 and mostly relegated to other roles such as artillery tractor, although it was reported to have been used in the Dnieper River crossing of 1943. During World War II, the main amphibious scout vehicle of the Red Army was the Ford GPA amphibious jeep, an open unarmoured vehicle provided through Lend-Lease.
Model Features
Dimensions       Length: 113mm   Width: 67.8
Total Plastic Parts       340+
15 sprues, lower hull and turret
Metal Parts       brass wire
Photo Etched Parts     1 sheet
The kit consists of over 340 parts
-  Multi-directional slide moulded turret & lower hull
-  Photo-etched parts included
- Individual tracks links

A-6E TRAM Intruder
Model #81710
1:48th scale
The Grumman A-6 Intruder was designed as the replacement of the A-1 Skyraider. It's the first all-weather attack aircraft of the US Navy. The aircraft were called as the A2F before 1962 and got the new name, the A-6 Intruder, in service. The outstanding all-weather capability soon made the A-6 the main strike force of the Navy and Marines, and devoted into the Vietnam War.
In 1979 all of the A-6E Intruders were armed with the AN/ASS-33 detection and ranging set, which a part of the TRAM system. They were located inside a small turret under the radome. The A-6E TRAM participated in most of the military actions of the Navy in last century. The Intruders were replaced by the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet in 1997.
Model Features
Dimensions       Length: 348mm   Wingspan: 336.5 mm  
Total Plastic Parts       520+
Total Sprues     16 sprues
Metal Parts       undercarriage
Photo Etched Parts     1 sheet
The kit consists of over 520 parts
-Detailed fuselage & wing w/accurate design
-Detailed cockpit
-metal undercarriage
-photo etched parts included

Soviet GAZ-AA Cargo Truck
Model #83836
1/35th scale 
The GAZ-AA is a license-built version of Ford Model AA by GAZ 1932–1942. It had a four cylinder, 40 HP engine and could reach a top speed of 70 km/h on roads. This workhorse was placed into a variety of roles by the Red Army including supply hauling, troop transport, ambulance, fuelling, and was also converted to mount either the 25-mm AA gun or quadruple Maxim machine gun
Model Features
Dimensions       Length: 149.6mm   Width: 56mm
Total Plastic Parts       230+
Total Sprues     10 sprues and tires
Photo Etched Parts     1 sheet   
The kit consists of over 230 parts, includes 7 clear parts
- Details finely represented by newly tooled parts
- Rubber tires with very good detail
- Photo-etched parts included
These kits will all be available from Hobbyboss’ distributors in August.