Sunday, July 5

New AMMO to supply & guide us throught those hard times with models

MiG’s AMMO brand have been steadily building up the catalogue each month or so with great new products and this month they have just released their second part of their Aircraft Encyclopaedia with some aircraft modelling painting and detailing sets to match pretty much whatever you need to shade. They also have some weapon colours, a new “Stylish” weathering magazine and some modern German colours for your AFV’s. Let’s see what’s new….

New AMMO products for July 2015

160 pages.
Second volume of a total of 5.
32 €
Volume #2 of the definitive encyclopaedia of model aircraft. This second volume covers in depth through its 160 pages the following subjects: Assembly, preparation and painting of landing systems, including wheels, undercarriage and landing gear. From basic painting to the most advanced detailing, scratch-building, making pieces in metal and resin, etc.

Detailed and painting of interiors of any aircraft. For example: open panels, avionics systems, kit parts, scratch-built, and aftermarket kits.
Engine detailing from radials to turbines, including engine construction, scratch-building, construction and painting of engine details.
Exterior assembly of all types of exterior parts including wings, fuselage, masking, detailing, sanding and polishing, correction of incorrect parts, scribing panel lines, edging, stressed metal, navigation lights, and more.
Subscription available. See more details on the Ammo website

Available in SEVEN different languages.
The only modelling magazine in the world devoted entirely to painting and the effects of weathering faces a very special subject: the different painting Styles that cause furore nowadays in the modelling world.
Through 72 pages we’ll discover new styles for some of us, such as Black & White, or the Japanese Style (J-Style). We will also show the classic styles like Realistic or Colour Modulation. We will see a comparison in how to face the same model from two different angles and check that both results are equals in quality. In this case, with two F-16: one clean and the other very weathered.
As usual this magazine explains with detailed “step by step” articles how to perform every technique from some of the best modellers in the world. The definitive guide for learning to provide a new Style to our models and leave the routine. 

Acrylic colours set. 6 jars 17mL
13,80 € 
All the acrylics you need for any 20th and 21st century weapons.
This set includes A.MIG-192 POLISHED METAL and A.MIG 045 GUN METAL for any kind of gun metallic parts, A.MIG-032 Satin Black for plastic parts such as the butt of an M16, A.MIG-923 RED BROWN SHINE for Bakelite and brown-reddish plastics, A.MIG-913 RED BROWN BASE and A.MIG-912 RED BROWN SHADOW for wood components.
One brand new metallic paint included, with a new formula that provides an outstanding finish which was only attainable before using lacquer paints, but is now available with odourless and non-toxic acrylics. Water soluble, odourless and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate mixture. We recommend MIG -2000 Acrylic thinner for a correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

Reference: A.MIG-087
High quality paint for Brushes and Airbrush.
17mL jar
2,30 € 
RAL 6014 Gelboliv colour.
This colour was used by Bundeswehr for decades on vehicles such as Leopard and many others.

Aircraft Cockpit/Detailing Colours
Painting and Weathering Set for several different aircraft genres and nations. There are three bottles: either Colour/ wash/ pigment/ filter or pale liner included in each set and they sell for 9,50 €

Basic set for painting and weathering on aircraft cockpits, landing gear or undercarriage surfaces, these sets contain either an acrylic base color, a wash, and pigment for creating dirty and realistic effects on the cockpits and interior areas. Application methods are shown in the book ‘Encyclopedia of Aircraft’ Vol.1.

Sets provided are...

Reference: A.MIG-7436
All of these items are now available directly from the AMMO store and their Distributors..