Sunday, July 19

Review: 1/16th British Army 91st Foot Regiment bust from MJ Miniatures

This new bust from MJ Miniatures in 1/16th scale is a small bust piece that recreates a soldier from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders British Army 91st Foot Regiment.  Our man Jono puts this bust together to show us just what it is like in today’s review…

Build review:
British Army 91st Foot Regiment.
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
MJ Miniatures
1/16th scale
3 parts in grey resin
available from MJ Miniatures distributors worldwide

This new figure bust of the British Army 91st Foot Regiment from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 16th scale from MJ Miniatures is a little bit of a departure in scale from Man-Kim Jin’s resin casting house MJ Miniatures. Sculpted by Dae-Hyeong, Kim (DG-Artwork) and painted in this box art example by Man-Jin, Kim (it pays to keep things in house) it is none the less interesting to many modellers, especially British army aficionados… 

The 91st Regiment of Foot was a Line Regiment of the British Army. It was first formed in 1759 and in 1881 became the 1st Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Its soldiers served in the Napoleonic war in some of the most famous battles of that conflict. This and their colourful regalia have made them one of the most popular subjects for figure modellers and so sculpting companies.

This little resin bust that comes in a small cardboard box with all the three parts in grey resin bubble wrapped inside to protect them.
After taking out all the pieces and checking them over for any damage or flaws, I could only find  a small mould seam at the back of the cap and down the neck which was easily removed with a piece of fine grade wet and dry paper, which I used wet to keep the resin dust down. 

There are small resin plugs of the bottom of the chest part and two small plugs on the top and bottom of the musket barrel and ramrod. Take care when removing the plug from the barrel so as not to snap the ramrod.

Here are the resin pieces – starting with the head of the foot soldier.
And here is the base torso of the figure, strapping and the equipment of the soldier add depth and definition to the torso of this soldier's body.

Lastly the gun which slips into the back of the torso. Ramrod attached and hollowed out gun barrel are of notice.

Although you wouldn’t consider this a complex construction the three parts of this kit fit together beautifully and the musket barrel fits nice and snug on the sling. The box has a great colour picture to help with the painting. 

There are no painting instructions but a quick look on Google gave me plenty of help and if you’re unsure, the pom-pom on the top of his cap is green as the colour picture shows the left side of the figure only. Maybe a colour picture of the back of the bust would have been nice to include in the box, or on the side of the box (although there is box-art pictures on the MJ Miniatures website.)

We thought we would put him together, with some undercoat on the model just to show you how he looks before paint. 

and how he might look like on a stand of his own..

This is a lovely model that is well cast and has nice pose. I will be looking forward to their next releases. Thanks once again to MJ Miniatures for letting me put together and review this lovely little bust.

Jono Willis

Thanks to MJ Miniatures for sending this kit to us to review and build – next to paint him up! 
Here he is painted up from the MJ Miniatures website..