Tuesday, September 8

Hobbyboss’ September selections are very German – from early, mid & late war…

We have three German flavoured kits from Hobbyboss in September – an early war light recon AFV, a late war D-13 and a mid-war “Frederich” – let’s see the kits and sprues in the Hobbyboss preview…
Hobbyboss’ new items for September 2015

Model#: 81749
1/48th scale
Messerschmitt Bf-109F started its production run in 1941 with deliveries to the Luftwaffe commencing the spring. Often regarded as the Pilot’s favourite in the family with the combination of aerodynamics and controllability, this machine was considered the ideal balance of the Bf-109. High altitude performances have been achieved due to reduction of armament and other weight savings. As a result the production Bf-109F reached the number of 2300 machines. The “F” series modifications are:
Bf-109F-1 included two 7,92 mm machine guns and one 20-mm cannon mounted inside the engine;
F-2 had 15-mm a cannon;
F-3 was equipped engine DB-601E (1350 hp); on model
F-4 20-mm cannon and has improved armament.
Lastly the F-6 was the reconnaissance aircraft. 
Model Details:
Model Dimension         Length: 186.5mm   Wingspan: 206.8 mm
Total Plastic Parts       60+
Total Sprues     7 sprues

Model#: 83812
1:35th scale
The Leichter Panzerspähwagen were a series of light four-wheel drive armoured cars produced by Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1944. It used the standard sPkw I Horch 801 chassis with an angled armoured body and turret.
The rear mounted engine was a 67 kW (90 hp) Horch 3.5 petrol engine, giving it a road speed of 80 km/h and a cross-country speed of 40 km/h. It had a maximum range of 300 km.
Used by the reconnaissance battalions (Aufklärungs-Abteilung) of the Panzer divisions, the type performed well enough in countries with good road networks, like those in Western Europe. However, on the Eastern Front and North Africa, this class of vehicle was hampered by its relatively poor off-road performance. In those theatres, it gradually found itself replaced in the reconnaissance role by the Sdkfz 250 half-track.
Model Features:
Model Dimension         Length: 134mm   Width: 57 mm
Total Plastic Parts       320+
Total Sprues     13 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tires
Photo Etched Parts     2pcs
-  Fully detailed Interior
- Multi-directional slide moulded Upper hull
- Two-directional slide moulded Lower hull
- Four rubber tires w/fine detail
- Photo-etched parts included

1:48th scale
Because of the concerns of the new fighters rising to challenge Luftwaffe supremacy over Germany, the RLM put out a requirement for new fighters to take up the challenge. The design from Dr. Kurt Tank was the Fw-190 which was regard as one of the best fighters during WWII. The fantastic performance of the Fw-190 soon led it replacing the Messerschmitt Bf-109 in many roles and theatres. The long nosed and bigger engined D-13 is the peak of the development of this aircraft before it morphed into the Ta 152.
The D-13 model differed from the D-12 model only in it’s armament of the co-axial cannon. The cannon were replaced by a 20mm MG151/20 cannon. The D-13 model was the last variant of the liquid-cooled Fw-190s to be powered by the Jumo 213 series engine. Only about thirty aircraft were built before the end of the war.
Model Features
Model Dimension         Length: 213mm   Wingspan: 219mm
Total Plastic Parts       130+
Total Sprues    10 sprues
Camouflage Scheme             Luftwaffe
Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
-    The kit consists of over 130 parts, includes 5 clear parts
-Detailed fuselage wing w/accurate design
-Detailed gear cabin
-Photo etched parts included
These kits will all be available from Hobbyboss’ distributors in September.