Thursday, September 10

Several built up kits from Revell of Germany show some nice looking new bench warmers for us all..

A new month and a new bunch of diverse models from Revell of Germany. We have some built up pictures and info on all of them so please do enjoy our preview of the new Revell of Germany’s items for September…

Revell’s September 2015 new items
Product number #03241
Scale 1:35
Single components 224
Length 227mm
Number of parts 224 
Stealthy design, high mobility, modern observation systems and optimum protection are key elements in critical situations. The (GTK) BOXER armoured transport vehicle is superior to all other vehicles in its class in exactly these categories. It has a modular design and is used as a heavily armoured ambulance (designated sgSanKfz) for the evacuation of wounded soldiers from the combat area. 
Intensive medical care can be given during the evacuation because in addition to the driver a paramedic (acting as vehicle commander) and a doctor are on board. One person can be transported in an intensive care scenario or seven persons sitting or three lying. For self-protection the vehicle has a 76mm smoke grenade launcher with eight discharger tubes. The first GTK Boxer sgSanKfz was handed over to the German Army in 2011. Operations followed in Afghanistan.
Model Details
- Finely engraved detail on all surfaces
- Detailed chassis
- Faithfully reproduced modular construction
- Smoke grenade dischargers
- Rubber tyres
- Faithfully reproduced driving position
- Movable driver's hatch
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- SanLehrRegiment, 2013
- ISAF, Afghanistan, 2013

Product number #07026
Scale 1:24th
Single components 129
Even the proportions of this technical marvel are reminiscent of a racing car. Two well packed up electric motors are hidden behind the driver, the V8 engine with its 608bhp is in the rear. The 918 turned out to be a thoroughbred super sports car with a racing registration which however, thanks to the innovative drive technology produces a fuel consumption figure comparable with medium size motor cars. 
 Typical are the Porsche's performance figures: from 0 to 100kmh (62 mph) in an unbelievable 2.6 seconds, and a top speed of 345 km/h (215 mph).
Model details
- Faithfully reproduced multi-part body
- Multi-part eight cylinder engine
- Fully detailed replica electric motors
- Structured front seats
- Detailed interior with authentic instrument panel
- Separate, moveable rear spoiler
- Fully detailed suspension
- Rotating wheels
- Detailed chassis
- Diverse chromed parts, including wheel rims and reflectors
- Comprehensive decal set with international registration plates (D, A, NL, F, B, CH, GB, I, RUS)

Product number #03972
Single components 70
Number of parts 70
Wingspan 82mm
Length 132 mm
The F-15E is probably the most powerful air superiority fighter within the USAF and reaches a maximum speed of Mach 2.5 at high altitude. The two-seater is used for air-to-ground attack as well as in the interceptor role including night and all-weather missions. With an 11 ton weapon load it is capable carrying a wide range of weapons including amongst others laser-guided bombs of the Paveway and JDAM series.

Model details.
- Detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints
- Cockpit with ejector seats
- Detailed under-carriage
- Two wing tanks
- Four Sidewinder missiles
- Two GBU-10 bombs
- Two GBU-15 bombs
- Decal set for a USAF F-15E

Product number #02531
Number of figures 12 / number of parts 32
The PaK 40 7.5 cm anti-tank gun was one of the main anti-tank guns in the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. From 1941 more than 23,000 PaK 40's were built and saw service in all theatres of war. The gun crew usually consisted of six soldiers.

Length 181 mm
Number of parts 76
HMS Ariadne was an Abdiel Class mine-layer. Ships of this class were still being commissioned and put into service during the Second World War, HMS Ariadne in 1943. These ships were designed to lay minefields at high speed. 150 mines were carried for this purpose. Depth charges were also carried for anti-submarine warfare. HMS Ariadne initially saw service in the Pacific theatre until she was ordered back to home waters in 1945 to help in the fight against the U-boats.

Model details
- Water-line hull
- Deck with comprehensive superstructures
- Lifeboats
- Gun turrets
- An authentic depiction of HMS Ariadne, Abdiel-class Minelayer, Royal Navy, 1943

These new items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month