Thursday, September 10

Miniart - something old into something new – with a special edition light Russian tank and crew …

Miniart have combined their T-70 light tank kit with a cool Russian winter crew – We thought we would have a look at the parts and built up T-70M tanks so you can see just how simple and effective of a model it is…

BOX: 345x240x60 mm
 This kit contains 423 parts. 
Kit has the models of the tank with 5 figures.
Kit allows you to build either the early or late T-70M models.

The T-70M was accepted by the GKO for Red Army service in March 1942, but is usually called simply the T-70. Some of the first machines still used the old conical turret, but this was replaced by the flat panel turret after April 1942. T-70 production took place at Zavod Nr. 37 and alongside T-60 production at GAZ and Zavod Nr. 38. 
It completely supplanted the T-60 in September 1942. The T-70 remained in production until the end of October 1943, by which time some 8,226 had been manufactured.
The final production series (T-70A from mid-1943) used the more powerful GAZ-203 engine and had other hull improvements such as a traversable MK-4 periscope for the driver in place of a simple view-slit. In service, the T-70 proved competent but unexceptional. 
Combining both the discontinued single sets of the #35022 Soviet Tank Crew - Winter 1943-45 with the T-70M Soviet Light Tank

Contents of the box- the crew
...and the tank sprues 
And one photo etch sheet
    Photos of the constructed T-70m model 
OK more on this kit when it comes to our door and we review it – till then you can see all of Miniart’s kits at their homepage.