Tuesday, November 3

Mike Rinaldi's new book series focuses on one thing at a time...

Modelling is changing and evolving all of the time. Our hobby is widening isn’t it? Many more modellers are looking for something different that we can adapt our own skills into and maybe add our own bit of creative liscence to. Today we have the hot off the press news about Mike Rinaldi’s new book focusing on just one model at a time in some varied subjects. Let’s have a look at what’s coming our way with the “SM” series of books…
RSP New Book Series Announcement

SM Series (SM=Single Model)
6.5" x 7.5" 96+ pages, $25USD MSRP
All subjects - All eras - All scales
Available soon from Mike’s Rinaldi Studi Press website
The SM Series is a new book concept from RSP designed to fully illustrate a single model project from start to finish. Using the qualities RSP has developed throughout the ongoing TANKART titles, SM Series will build upon the unique nature of discussing modeling in the How and the Why, combined with large professional photography, and clear contemporary design to bring you the greater world of scale modeling in ALL its various forms and finishes.
The first book is ready to launch and will be open for Pre-Order on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015 with shipping estimate the first week of December (Yes, SM.01 will be available for Christmas). Special Pre-Order Prices and specs to be released then. The first book is based on a Science Fiction topic resin kit of a very cool Fish Submarine... inside will feature the full story, and cover the build and paint in all the ways you love with RSP books to date. The new clean open graphic layout will allow for even better storytelling with the large hi-res images showcasing the reasons why, and detail the various processes and products used throughout the project.
SM.02 and SM.03 will cover a civilian subject and military subject respectively (to be announced shortly -- the cover comps shown are mock-ups only, not actual). They are both currently in production and will follow closely on the heels of SM.01 to help launch the series. I will provide special Combo prices during the SM Pre-Order Event for those so inclined to grab 'em. Like the TA titles, these are limited run printings, so they will sell out fast. We also expect to expand the Dealer network to those shops that cover more than just military subjects, as we will strive to have SM Series in all areas of the hobby industry. 
This is a long term and ongoing series, and future titles will release at about 1-2 month intervals and cover a wide range of subjects from aircraft, science fiction mecha and vehicles (yes, some famous movie/anime stuff too!), unique armor projects, construction equipment, civilian vehicles, racing subjects and much much more... and no, SM Series does not interrupt the other RSP book series already announced for Future Release production.
Mock up of Book II

Mock up of Book III in this series…
Stay tuned for Friday Nov. 6, the RSP website will be updated and go live with the first Pre-Orders available for SM.01, SM.02, and SM.03. Enjoy these teasers of the new SM Series...more will be revealed soon.

Kepp a look out at Mike’s Rinaldi Studi Press website on the 6th for more info on this new series