Sunday, November 1

Several built up kits from Revell of Germany in a large variety – something there for most of us…

A new month and a new bunch of diverse models from Revell of Germany. We have some built up pictures and info on all of them so please do enjoy our preview of the new Revell of Germany’s items for October…

Revell’s November 2015 new items

Product Number 07060
Scale: 1:25
Single components 56
Model construction kit of the current Corvette® C7 with 455 HP featuring the Stingray name for the first time in 30 years.
• Easy to build
• All body parts are pre-decorated
• Multi-part engine
• Opening bonnet
• Rotating wheels
• Decal set with registration plates for various countries (D, A, NL, F, B, GB, I, USA, RUS)

Product Number 03243
Scale: 1:35
Single components 242
Model construction kit of probably the best Main Battle Tank in the world. In 1995 its combat capability was uprated to the version 2A5.

- An option for the German or Dutch A5NL A5 version
- Easy to assemble vinyl tracks
- Rotating turret
- Height adjustable gun
- Anti-slip coating

Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Leopard 2A5, Bundeswehr, PzBtl 33, Bergen, 1996
- Leopard 2A5, Bundeswehr, 2./Pzbtl 393, Bad Salzungen, 2010
- Leopard 2A5, Bundeswehr, 5./Pzbtl 104, Pfreimd, 2006
- Leopard 2A5, A Eskadron / 42 Tankbataljon, Havelte, 1999

Product number 03350
Scale 1:144
Skill level 3 advanced
Single components 62
Model construction kit containing US Army standard vehicles from the Second World War.

- 2 x M4 Sherman Tanks
- 2 x M8 Greyhound Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicles
- 2 x CCKW 353 trucks
- Very easy to assemble
- Decal set included

Product number 03351
Scale 1:144
Single components 48
Model construction kit of standard vehicles from the early days of the Bundeswehr.

- 2 x M47 Patton Main Battle Tanks
- 2 x HS 30 Armoured Personnel Carriers
- 2 x Emma 5t gl trucks
- Very easy to assemble
- Decal sets

Product number 03964
Scale 1:72
Single components 126
Model representation of a MV-22 Osprey, a propeller driven aircraft of the US Marine Corps fitted with a tilting rotor system that is capable of vertical take-off and landing.
- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed interior
- Rotating propeller
- Detailed under-carriage
- Tilting rotors
- Separate rear ramp
- Decal set for a US Marine Corps Version
length 242 mm
number of parts 126
wingspan 210 mm

Product number 05067
Scale 1:400
Single components 21
Model construction kit of a US Navy nuclear-powered attack submarine. It is also well known from the film Hunt for Red October (this one is released however in November).
- Detailed surface textures
- Conning tower with stabilizing fin
- Propeller
- Display stand
- Authentic decal set
Length 272 mm
number of parts 21

These new items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month