Wednesday, December 30

Large scale AT-AT? Dragon makes your first second and third wishes all come true in 2016

You know – sometimes when it rains it really pours.. On the heels of firstly the small offerings by Finemolds and then the new kits we are all excited about from Bandai now we have new Star Wars kits from who else but Dragon Models on the way! Let's take a look at what's coming our way...
Dragon Models Star Wars kits incoming…
Dragon Models was recently proud to announce that they have joined the Star Wars universe as a licensee – and several kits that many modellers will like are on their hit list..
In “Star Wars Phase 1” items we get a sneak peek at some of the technical drawings and 3D of the kits coming our way. Apparently they have been designed by the same team of designers who make their military models – so let’s hope they are just as good!
Several kits have been announced but it is the giant AT-AT walker that has proved to light the fires of many modellers and we have some pictures of what has already been announced in the flesh in our preview…You can see on this render that it also hints at a 35th scale AT-ST walker also.
It is the ATAT walker that has been long hinted at in their promos that we have all been anticipating - starting with some well -known 35th scale figures
and now we have a walk around on what the kit might just look like...(This is a printed prototype)

Ok until the force awakens on this lot stay on target by checking out the Dragon website for updates – or just here on TMN and we will keep you updated about this new line of exciting models