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In Boxed: Clayton looks at Takom’s new 35th scale AMX 13/75 before his build...

The minute this one came out several World of Tanks fans jumped up and down with delight– this popular little tank has become even better known through this game. Always a fan of the IDF tank on the box, our man Clayton has already started building this kit. He takes a quick look at what is inside before we show you his build…
In Boxed: AMX13/75
From: Takom
Kit# 2036
1/35th scale
Plastic sprues, photo etched material
Decals for 6 variants inside

I guess given the tiny size of the tank, I shouldn’t have been surprised at the size of the packaging. The box is small and compact, yet is filled to the brim with goodies.
The box art is very nice indeed and shows the tank in the IDF scheme and has been adapted from a picture I have found floating around the internet
 The kit contains 24 grey sprues, 1 x clear sprue, the instruction manual as well as 4 different colour schemes supplied by the team at Ammo.  The turret and the chassis have been moulded as single pieces. In addition to the plastic there is a photo etch fret and the kit also comes with the dust jacket for the turret moulded in a soft plastic. 

There are plenty of nice IDF schemes...
The AMX-13/75 also saw combat in Venezuela, in the military rebellion of 1962, also known as "El Porteñazo" - this may be a good dio scene.
Closer Inspection – Instructions:
The instructions are set out in the typical Takom style. Good, clear illustrations in a series of reasonably uncomplicated steps. The small booklet is stapled and well presented.  Mid-way through, the modeller is asked to make a choice as to the type of model they want to build…IDF or standard version, so care must be taken that you are following the correct path.
The dust jacket is really nicely sculpted and looks very convincing. I still have my doubts as to how the paint will adhere to this in the long term and would be a little nervous using this part.  There are two versions of this tank that can be made in this kit, and the dust jacket is an optional item.

Or you could do it without the dust jacket in place..your choice
The photo etch fret contains 26, finely detailed pieces. Depending on the version of the tank you are building, some of these will not be used. The headlight guards look lovely and once the middle pieces are bent, should present a beautiful piece of detail to the model.  The fine mesh in the engine covers is lovely and again will enhance the model no end.
This PE enables you to replicate this damaged surface on the engine deck
The chassis/ hull is cast in one piece. As you can see, this is a tiny model measuring only 130mm long through the chassis. The moulding is excellent and will set a good foundation for the rest of the build.
There are 5 sheets of Sprue A, essentially containing the wheels and suspension pieces. The wheels are cast in two pieces, the hub and the outer part of the wheel. This will give the wheel greater depth and help to produce a more realistic finish.
Sprue B contains the top part of the tank, the turret ring and a few tools and the side guards. Fine detail such as the hinges in the engine hatches are represented very well and will look great once they receive a wash when painted.
 The top of the hull is plenty of detail raised and recessed
 Tools are included with thick clamps.
Sprue C contains the two halves of the barrel as well as the tool boxes assemblies. Moulding on the muzzle looks to be sharp and clean. Ribbed mudguards/fenders are also on this sprue.
 The breech isn't too bad after some very minor clean up
Sprue E contains the turret hatches, stowage basket, exhaust and a number of very fine plastic pieces.  You will be a need to take a great deal of care when removing these thin parts from the sprues so as not to break or lose them.
 Turret hatches & exhaust pipes - the latter in two halves with a hollowed pipe
 Some more tools and aerials - take care with these fragile parts!
Sprue F contains the machine guns for the IDF version of the tank. The moulding quality is exceptional, with the barrel of the browning even hollowed out.
Two pieces of sprue J are supplied containing the drive wheels, jerry cans and various grab handles and the like.
Two pieces again of Sprue K containing the basic idler wheels
Sprue N is the clear pieces of the kit. These will take care of the periscopes around the tank. The large circular piece will not be required in this version of the tank
The tracks are supplied in trees and will all need to be individually clipped from each other. Casting is good and the teeth all seem to look clean and seem to nest together well.
The top of the turret is moulded in a singular piece. The weld lines around the joints are very nicely done without being excessive. The two hatches at the rear of the turret is where the ammo is fed into the auto-loading system. Perhaps this would have been nice to have these as separate pieces to be posed open.  
There are 4 markings supplied with the kit. 2 of them are Israeli, one is Lebanese and the other is a tank used in 1962 during an uprising in Venezuela. They are all single colour schemes, however, you will need to alter some of the finer points of you model during the construction process depending on which scheme you go with.
The decal set is small, but obviously is all that is required for these markings. The print looks to be sharp and in register.
On to the build in Pt II!
Clayton Ockerby

This kit is now available from Takom’s Distributors Worldwide. Thanks to them for sending this kit to build & review.