Thursday, February 25

Kittyhawk's large scale Trojan is built & painted & ready to fly, let's take a look...

Kittyhawk’s latest 32nd scale kit is going to be popular – the T-28 Trojan in B and D models has just been released. Let’s see what the new pictures of the made up test kit look like in addition to the earlier CAD pictures in today’s preview...

Kittyhawk's New Kit Preview

Kittyhawk models
1/32nd scale
Code: KH32014
Price ¥10,530/ USD $94.25/ €85.70 from
First before we look at the CAD images and the real thing here is some history of the bird.

The same kite as on the boxart…
The North American T-28 Trojan served famously not only with the U.S. and South Vietnamese forces in the Vietnam War but with many other air forces around the world. Used as a trainer and a COIN aircraft, it is well known and many of these aircraft are still flying today with private users.
These little aircraft are popular because of their excellent handling, weapons delivery platform and load carrying ability. They are easy to service, fly and cheaper than their jet counterparts to run and comparable in most aspects apart from top speed. We all know that as either a COIN, trainer and a aerobatic aircraft speed is not as important as all these other aspects.

North American T-28
Role   Trainer aircraft/ Light attack
Manufacturer : North American Aviation
First flight: 24 September 1949
Retired: 1994 Philippine Air Force
Primary users: United States Air Force
United States Navy
South Vietnamese Air Force
French Air Force… and many many more air forces around the world
Produced      1950–57
Number built 1,948

Crew: Two
Length: 33 ft 0 in (10.06 m)
Wingspan: 40 ft 1 in (12.22 m)
Height: 12 ft 8 in (3.86 m)
Wing area: 268 ft² (24.9 m²)
Empty weight: 6,424 lb (2,914 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 8,500 lb (10,500 lb with combat stores) (3,856 kg)
Powerplant: 1 × Wright R-1820-86 Cyclone radial engine, 1,425 hp (1,063 kW)
Maximum speed: 343 mph (552 km/h)
Service ceiling: 39,000 ft (10,820 m)
Rate of climb: 4,000 fpm (20.3 m/s)
two or six × wing-mounted pylons capable of carrying bombs, napalm, rockets. machine gun pods containing .30 in (7.62 mm) (training), .50 in (D-model) or twin pods with .50 in (12.7 mm) and 20 mm (.79 in) cannon (Fennec)

These are pictures of the CAD form of the kit whilst it was in development. the engine is multi-part construction and a pretty good match for the real thing...
 The cowlings can be posed off or ont he aircraft for a repair dio
The cockpit looks pretty detailed 
As does the landing gear – it is its own pod that fits into the underside of the wing if you want to make it that way
The underside of the Trojan
Missile pods and cluster bomblets are just some of the weapons this little workhorse can carry
Lastly the decals in this kit have already been decided...
Best thing is that now we have a built up T-28 - the first test kit has been built and painte and so we thought we would show you the kit in physical form..
This kit is now available from KittyHawk’s Distributors worldwide..