Friday, April 29

Masterbox’s three 35th scale sets for the apocolypse, the end of Germany and for saving man's best freind..

Masterbox has announced their three kits in 35th scale that are expected for may and June this year. From the hard times of the end of WWII to the even harder days of a bleak post-apocalyptic future to man's best friend taking a bullet for his master - Let's see more of these three kits in today's preview...

Masterbox new products for May/June 2016

 “Volkssturm, Germany, 1944-1945”
1/35th scale
The kit consists of 5 figures
This kit represents the dramatic events of the end of 1944 through to the beginning of 1945. Germany was on the verge of defeat, and the leadership of the country got all reserves involved in the nation's defence. The high command organized units of Volkssturm that included civilians between the ages of 15 to 60 years, both men and women. In terms of acute shortage of trained soldiers, these people that were trained in a hurry had to repulse the attacks of the Western allies and Red armies.
The story of the kit is simple: two soldiers of the Wehrmacht are explaining to civilians, a man and a woman, the working elements of the weapons that they will have to use in the battle. Notice that an aged retired serviceman is observing the training. Special dramatic quality to the story can be added by that the figure of the veteran is released in two variants - it can be assembled with one arm that the old man was lost in past battles. 
The kit consists of 5 figures. The figures are animated well, they interact with each other well and they can be used both for the creation of the diorama on the basis of the offered story and separately if the modeller chose their own story during the creation of the diorama. 

“Desert Battle Series, Skull Clan - To Catch a Thief”
1/35th scale
The kit includes 3 figures & the parts for the assembly of a motorcycle
This kit continues the series of the kits started by Masterbox that takes us into a future to the fantastical post-apocalyptic subject. The story of the kit is that one man robbed the warehouse with provisions belonging to the gang from Skull Clan (the 35122 kit) that is already known to collectors of Masterbox's figures. He is trying to escape with the plunder, and the patrols guarding wealth of Clan discovered him and they are trying to detain him. Like it happens often in the stories that they invent for our kits, it is not known how this story will finish and the person seeing this scene will be able to make up their own ending if he got away or not. 
The figures are well animated, they interact with each other pretty clearly, and the story of the kit is rather emotional and dramatic.

The kit includes the parts for the assembly of 3 figures and a sprue with the parts for the assembly of a motorcycle (our 3528 kit). The peculiarity of this kit is that the kit contains the parts allowing the assembly of a new type of sidecar of the motorcycle and the modeller has the opportunity to decide at own discretion whether to do the kit with a new sidecar or to use an old sidecar.
The bike kit does not include photo-etched parts of the more complex military bike but it is a simple but rugged looking bike more in keeping with this bleak future world.
The kit will be interesting especially to the modellers who are keen on playing computer games or movies about the post-apocalyptic world we hope never comes to us.

 “No Soldier left behind - MWD Down”
1/35th scale
This kit consists of 4 figures & one figure of a dog .
Thousands of dogs have served in U.S. Army. These much-loved pooches task is to save lives of soldiers and to help find things with their keen noses. These animals do fearlessly what they were instructed and they serve their masters selflessly. 
Many of them get wounded, and sustain injuries or perish while in action. The story of our kit represents the moment while the medic aids a wounded dog, and the rest of the members of the group cover them.
The kit consists of 4 figures of soldiers of the U.S. Army and one figure of a dog. The figures are animated well, peculiarity seeing that the kit includes the master of the dog. The wounded dog and the medic can make up rather independent and finished scene that allows the modeller both to create the diorama on the basis of the offered story and to use two figures of the patrols separately, in a new story.
These kits will be available through all of Masterbox’s distributors in May or June this year…