Sunday, May 1

Preview of Barracuda Studios Six New Releases: New wheels, cans, chutes, domes, & a Golden Arrow?

Roy Sutherland has just made a BIG move of premises to a new and better establishment. he has redoubled his effort to resume the production line of six new items in 4 scales to add to his Barracuda Studios line up. Additions to the Tu-22 blinder, the Tamiya Mosquito, a new nose for the MiG-21 and 24th scale wheels for the Bf-109 and Golden Arrow Land Speed Record Car. Let’s see what they have come up with in our preview…

Preview of Barracuda Studios Six New Releases

Barracuda Studios has moved! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as they broke down and packed up the business in preparation for the move, which happened on April 14th and 15th. Barracuda have now moved into the new place and have taken the opportunity to make a number of changes to improve organization and workflow.

They are also celebrating the completion of the relocation by releasing 6 new products. This batch of new releases is a mixed bag of interesting items in 4 scales. It also includes their very first automotive item, although the car was powered by a Napier Lion engine designed for airplanes (used in the Supermarine S.4 and S.5 as well as many others).
Barracuda are finally releasing the ammo feed chutes for the gorgeous Tamiya 32nd scale Mosquito FB VI. The design of these turned out to be very complex and we went through a number of iterations before we finally nailed it.

Let’s have a look at what Roy and his team have come up with…

TU-22 Blinder Main and Nose Wheel Set
Master Pattern by Mike O'Hare.
This set contains 8 main wheels and 2 nose wheels for the New Modelsvit Tu-22 Blinder kit. They are highly accurate and detailed, down to the delicate tire ribbing, tire tread and raised tire data. A simple and dramatic upgrade for the Blinder. Can be made to fit the old ESCI Blinder kit as well.

TU-22 Blinder Exhaust and Afterburner Set
Master Pattern by Mike O'Hare. 
This set replaces the exhaust parts for the new Modelsvit Blinder kit with beautifully detailed exhaust tubes and multi-part afterburner nozzles. The detail on the nozzles is so fine it does not show well in the photos.
There is not a lot of external detail on this kit, so these afterburners will become a focal point. A reasonably simple upgrade for a nice new kit of a stunning subject. Can be adapted to fit the ESCI kit as well.

MiG-21 Radome Set
Master Pattern by Lee Coll.
Designed for the superb Eduard MiG-21 series. The kit radome is accurate and well moulded. The problem is that you have to paint and install it before you assembled the fuselage halves. Our separate radome and bulkhead allow you to assembled the fuselage without the radome, which is then installed when the model is almost finished. This will allow you to fill and sand the intake seams, and paint the intake and radome separately.

You can also use the intake as a receptacle for a handle that will allow you to hold the model firmly while painting it. It also removes the possibility of damaging the radome point during assembly and painting. Quick and easy... problems solved!

DH Mosquito FB. VI Ammo Feed Chutes
1:32nd scale
This set is a very visible and much-needed upgrade to the otherwise stunning Mosquito from Tamiya. The kit feed chutes are moulded as empty. This set contains ten parts that give you feed chutes complete with .303" and 20mm ammunition visible through the slots. 
The slots and ammo are undercut to give a very convincing look of shells inside a sheet metal track. The 20mm shells even have belt link detail moulded on. Careful painting and a wash will make it really pop and give some teeth to your Mossie!

Bf-109G-10 & BF109K-4 wheels
1:24th scale
This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate resin mainwheels as fitted to some Bf 109G-10 and most K-4 series aircraft. These wheels represent the wide, smooth tire fitted to the plain, ribless hub. Finely rendered raised tire seams and data is featured. Designed to upgrade the Trumpeter 1/24th scale Bf 109G-10 and K-4 kits. Also replaces the mainwheels for the He-162 that one is ever produced in this scale.

Golden Arrow Land Speed Record Car Wheels
1:24th scale
Master patterns by Mike O'Hare.
This set consists of 4 detailed resin wheels for the Irving-Napier land speed car that set a record of 231 mph in 1929. The Scalecraft kit, which these are designed for, has wheel castings that are very rough, and you could spend hours on each one and not get them to look anywhere as good as these! An esoteric product for sure, but if you have this kit, you NEED these wheels!
I'm told they could be used on other land speed cars of the time. Resin wheels are 40mm in diameter.
 All of these new sets should be on Barracuda Studios Website on Sunday 1st of may 2016 or at latest the next day