Sunday, April 24

Pla Editions latest “Special” edition goes back to the 1991 Gulf War...

We take a look at the new book from Pla editions – it features the armoured fighting vehicles of the first Gulf War in  1991. The nature of the conflict saw many nations participate and so this book looks diverse as it is interesting – Let’s have a look at what models are inside in our preview…

A new Abrams Squad special is coming, Modelling the Gulf War 1991

Special - Modelling the GULF WAR 1991
Pla Editions

112 pages, softcover A4 Portrait
Colour Pictures throughout
All Texts in English
Price: 25€ from Pla Editions directly or their Distributors Worldwide
The well-known modern warfare modelling magazine the Abrams Squad commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Gulf War.

A complete guide of articles with “how to build” and “how to paint” tips for the most mythical vehicles of the Gulf War. A book full of inspiration for all types of modellers, from beginners to advanced. This book is currently printing the latest Special Issue commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Gulf War (ODS, Granby, Daguet, etc).

 publishing a special issue with nine stunning articles of models in 1/35 scale:
US LAV25 Desert Shield by Pere Pla
Iraqi T-55 Model 1970 by Andy Taylor
USMC M60A1 by Javier Soler
French AMX30B2 by Vlad Adamec
British Challenger I by John Murphy
US MLRS by Andrei Grechkin
Iraqi T-72 by Lukasz Orzyc Musialek
US M1A1 Abrams by Domingo Hernández
Painting camouflage in figures by Igor Gurochkin
You can get yours from Pla Editions website directly