Saturday, April 23

Build review: MiniArt's 35th scale U.S. Military Policeman w/ Motorcycle (Pt.II)

Recently Paul put together the MiniArt kit of the WLA Harley with Military Policeman on board. Not content just with this he also thought that he could get a nice result if he painted up a scene with this copper and his bike, so as a bit of a bonus here is his bike all painted up and ready to roar down the road…

Build review: U.S. Military Policeman w/ Motorcycle (Pt.II)
Kit No: 35168
Manufacturer: Mini Art
Scale: 1/35
Type: Multimedia Kit
Available from Mini Art distributors worldwide

With the construction now complete, it is now time to start the job of painting this model. The small piece meant that painting was relatively simple although very delicate at the same time. The main frame of the bike was the typical US Olive drab, so I started with Tamiya XF-62 Olive drab all over. After this was completed, I added a few drops of white to lighten the colour and then sprayed the most exposed areas of the bike. A quick gloss coat and decals were applied to the bike.

For military service, the engine was generally blued or parkerized, so to represent this with Vallejo's Model Air 71.073 Metallic Black. I carefully picked out the lower portion of the engine with a fine brush. The engine heads were then picked out with Model Air 71.062 Aluminium. I also used this colour for the interior of the headlight.
The tyres were then carefully painted in matt black, and then carefully dry brushed the tyre treads with Vallejo's Model Color 70889 Dark Rubber, although this is very subtle and the wash later makes it even more so.
The leather storage bags and gun sleeve were next and started off with Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown, and then dry brushed with Humbrol 62 Leather.
The windshield was fabric so I used Model Air's 71.043 Olive Drab which has a slight brownish shade which I thought would separate it from the olive drab of the bike frame. I dry brushed the raised details with Humbrol 26 Khaki.
With the bulk of painting now done I picked out individual details with a black pin wash. I also turned my attention to the wheels and the lower portion of the bike with some light mud and dust and that is the bike done. 
I must confess that figure painting is something that I would really like to improve on and trying to blend in flesh colours and then picking out minute details like the eyes and lips really require a delicate touch and eagle eye vision.

The uniform was done in the same way with Model Air Olive Drab dry brushed with Humbrol Khaki. The boots were also likewise done the same way as the leather bags earlier with Tamiya Red Brown dry brushed with Humbrol Leather.
The base is a simple particle board circle, which I roughly covered with some texturing gel to represent dirt and then painted in an obviously dirty colour. I then lightly brushed over the dirt with PVA glue and then sprinkled static grass over it. A few tufts of grass from Green Line and quick spray with a matt coat and the simple base is done.
While I admit that the pictures do look a bit rough, I must say that the model looks much better in real life and that I haven't yet attained Master status where my close up shots look like photos. In time. Hopefully.
 This kit really did push my modelling skills being so tiny and delicate, but I did enjoy pushing myself, and the kit goes together very well. Definitely one for the experts, but highly recommended at the same time.

Paul Lee