Wednesday, May 18

Historical figures in focus is the order of the day with 8 new sculpts by Qing Yi...

Some quite famous figures have just been released in two scales from Qui Yang figures through their only distributor Neucraft models. Think a little “Band of Brothers” in 35th scale and some senior German leaders in 1/30th scale in our preview… 

Eight new resin figures from Qing Yi Miniatures.

1/32nd scale resin figures
 This new set of resin figures sculpted by Qing Yi captures some familiar subjects – although they are not named directly they have a certain resemblance to some of the most prominent figures on the television series “Band of Brothers” don’t ya think?

QY32001 - Major of US 101 Airborne Division 
QY32002 - First Lieutenant of US 101 Airborne Division
 QY32003 - Staff Sergeant of US 101 Airborne Division
QY32004 - Captain of US 101 Airborne Division 
QY32005 - Second Lieutenant of US 101 Airborne Division
As you can see, the first five figures were inspired by the popular TV series on WWII history. Of course, the titles of the resin figures can only be generic.

Also in the same scale comes the famous German poster boy during the war -  "Panzermeyer" Kurt Meyer

1/30th scale resin figures
Two of the senior men from Germany during the war, of course Adolf Hitler (of “Der Führer course) along with Erwin Rommel, captured here when he was still a General in the high command before he was made a Field Marshall in the Western Desert.

QY30001 - General Erwin Rommel 

QY30002 - Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler
All these figures are now available at the web store.