Wednesday, May 18

Miniart Shizuoka update: New images & colours of the SU-122 Initial Production w/Full Interior

Miniart continues to impress us. After this year’s early Panzer III models which met some acclaim now they continue with the new plans of the soviet SU-122 Initial Production with a full Interior laid out. Let’s have a look at what is planned and the new sprues, CAD and now the built up kit images we have so far….
MiniArt’s new kit imminent release...

1/35th scale
Total Parts 836
BOX: 345x240x70 mm
Recently we have been showing you some of the promised model kits yet to come from Miniart. It was good to see most of their new kits on display at Shizuoka Model show, but the most notable amongst the new models from MiniArt was this – the SU-122 Initial Production with a full Interior.

 Let’s have a look at the new kit and some of this kits feature set…The model features...
828 Total parts 
712 plastic parts
117 photo-etched parts
7 clear plastic parts
Decals sheet for 6 options
Full-colour instruction
Fully detailed engine compartment and chassis
Interior is accurately represented
Workable track links
Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds

Here are the kit sprues - note that there are many repeated sprues amongst this lot - esp in the running gear and tracks of course...

This kit contains 836 parts. Box contains the model of Soviet SPG SU-122. Everything You Need For An Accurate Model In One Box. CAD Images of the Model show the detail of this kit and the effort that has gone into the intricate details in the inside and out...
It is a shame that we don’t have a clear moulded hull top for this isn’t it?
We also got some shots of the kit all made up inside and out so you can see the engine and fighting compartment along with the driver & crew compartments in this  set of pictures - 

look at all that detail!
...and a walk around the completed kit

...With all of the five marking choices in co-operation with the people at AMMO

This kit is about to be released any day now – keep an eye on the MiniArt Site or just lock in here for more info on MiniArt’s new stuff.