Saturday, June 11

French WWI tanker crew with a pooch in support from Stalingrad…

Stalingrad Miniatures has just announced they have released a big set and single figures of soldiers of the French Tank Corps in World War One. Alexander makes some really unique looking figures and these are just as good looking as his previous releases like the British tankers from WWI we looked at a year ago. The fact we need more WWI tankers to match our new tanks from that era make them even more tempting.

July 2016’s new figures from Stalingrad:

This large new set from Stalingrad includes five new figures – we will look at them all individually now before we see them all as a set at the end of the preview – Stalingrad have also provided some of the pictures that inspired the figures...

French Tank Crew, WWI. Big set
# 1120
1/35th scale
This set of five French tankers from World War I era has each got themselves a different pose and body language as well as many of them wearing varied gear to bring some difference in these figures. In an era where uniforms were more coloured, let’s have a look at them as individual figures.

– these pictures are some that inspired this 5 figure set … 
This set is for sale at a slightly cheaper price if you buy them all together. They could be suitable for one tank or a few in the squadron if you needed to have a few vehicles in a diorama.
Here they are unpainted

French Tank Crewman, WWI
# 1121
1/35th scale
This Frenchman is seen with his head poking out of the tank hatch, either looking straight ahead at the scene in front of him or spotting for the driver in the tank. He is s full body figure so you get all of the line of sight and a bit more. 
He has the hard helmet of the French and leather coat to protect him from the rigours of WWI tank warfare inside the tank. It must have been hot in these...

A picture that the sculptor used that inspired this figure…
Here he is unpainted

French Tank Crewman, WWI
# 1122
1/35th scale 
This tankman is seen puffing on his pipe with the national headdress on and a blue WWI tankers outfit on. His wrapped leggings make way over his shin-high boots
– this is the picture that inspired this figure…
Here he is unpainted – you can see the satchel that comes with this figure that carries boots, a mess tin and his blanket for sleeping in that is included with this figure.
French Tank Crewman, WWI
 # 1123
1/35th scale
This French tanker could well be an officer, he is very well dressed in high leather boots and he carries a pistol in his holster as well as a gas mask on his hip. His large leather jacket served as fire and bump protection in the tank while his high ridged French WWI helmet covered his head from getting bumped inside and outside the tank.
– these pictures are some that inspired this figure…
Here he is unpainted – maybe he is an NCO?  He is smartly dressed anyway.

French Officer, WWI
# 1124
1/35th scale
Not as smartly dressed as his superior here! You can see the lovely uniform of this tank officer. High laced leather boots with a smart blue tunic and Breeches, his chest adorned with a medal and his collars showing the star on the tabs.
– these pictures are some that inspired this figure…you can see here he stand apart from his tankers in the quality of the cut of his cloth alone…
Here he is unpainted

French Tank Crewman and Dog, WWI
# 1125
1/35th scale
This tanker is seen in a very simple uniform, but with his best friend in tow – this mangy looking pooch is seen in the company of many soldiers through wartime – it must have been hell for him in that noisy tank!
– these pictures are some that inspired this figure… proof that yes indeed these guys did have dogs sometimes stowed away with them in the tanks or as a unit mascot
Anyway, the pictures that Alex used to guide him in his research when sculpting them – you can see the mix of the tank crew with officer, and this man - in simple leggings and a leather jacket and pants. A pretty good likeness.
All of these figures are now available thru Stalingrad Miniatures Worldwide. You can see more of the kits in Stalingrad’s range at their website where you will also find their distributors around the world at