Monday, July 18

Black Dog's new releases - photo taking pilots, stowage & Turrets and Diorama abound...

Black Dog from the Czech Republic has several new releases in 32nd, 72nd, 35th scales for aircraft, Military and AFV modellers in this bunch so we thought that you all would like to see what’s just about to hit the shops in our preview…

Black Dog’s newest figures & accessories of July 2016

German Fighter Pilot 1914-1918 N°5
cat.n.: F32007
1/32nd scale
To go along with the WWI German pilots we previewed last month Black Dog have added these two new figures that sell as a set or individually – this pilot from the Great war is seen looking a little worse for wear with his left arm in a sling under his leather flying coat.
The pilot figure is made from three pieces of grey resin, and the parts look pretty good here and simple to put together.

German Fighter Pilot 1914-1918 N°5
cat.n.: F32007
1/32nd scale
This comrade of the other pilots and probably the one in charge of mustering them all together is seen here. This pilot has a larger older style camera that he looks to be taking a picture of this set.
Seen with his simple flying corps uniform and bent but peaked cap, he has his hand on the winder of the camera while the other own is held up motioning his comrades to “still stehen”

German Fighter Pilots 1914-1918 set N°3
cat.n.: F32007
1/32nd scale
These two pilots look like the ideal companions the other figures in this larger group of German Fighter pilots from the First World War. They still a bit of a story alone like this, but as a larger group, we will get more in the shot!

Opel Blitz 3.6-47 Omnibus accessories set
cat.n.: T35171
1/35th scale
The recent unheralded release of the Roden Omnibus in 35th scale is begging for some aftermarket to make something of it. With this set of extra stowage from Black Dog you have a lot more added to this bus to make it a more flexible and interesting proposition – next we will need a snow shovel for a “Where Eagles Dare” version…

M551 Sheridan Gulf War accessories set
cat.n.: T35172
1/35th scale
The venerable Sheridan was used with a lot of success during the mobile scenario after the breakthrough in the first Gulf War. To make the miles with crew, and their food, weapons and equipment and most notably fuel, a lot of stowage was needed – now Black Dog offer this set for your latter Sheridan.

T34/85 factory 122 model 1945 conversion set
cat.n.: T72098
The rare T-34/85 Factory 122 model is well liked amongst modellers, now we have a set to replicate the turret and the road wheels & exhaust outlet.

US M 26 Pershing accessories set Vignette
cat.n.: T72099
The late WWII & Korean conflicts saw the Pershing used to some great success, these tanks were often used away from ready supplies and in cold weather so lots of stowage, extra fuel and rations and bedding were needed. Black Dog’s new set provides this in abundance here in this small scale set. Notable additions include the muzzle brake cover and finely strapped cloth on top.

House corner (Europe WWII) base (80x80mm)
cat.n.: D35081
1/35th scale
This 35th scale corner piece has just enough room to place a few soldiers on the corner of it – maybe looking around or doing something right on the apex. It is tall also, so that gives it more interest in three dimensions.

Buddha statue base (100x90mm)
cat.n.: D35082
1/35th scale
The all-present Buddha is captured here in a jungle shrine that gives enough room in front of the piece for a few soldiers, animals or maybe a small tank. 

Street WWII base (150x90 mm)
cat.n.: D72031
1/72nd scale
Although his setting looks like an older European or maybe an Italian setting it could be used for most anywhere depending on the way you paint it and what you might dress it with. The archway is good for another angle of placement of figures or vehicles while the street is long enough to fit a lot of things in 72nd scale in there.
All of these sets and figures are now available on the Black Dog Website along with their distributors worldwide.