Tuesday, July 19

Stalingrad capture a grim scene of sacrifice from the Russian side of WWII...

In almost a haunting reminder of what war is really about, Stalingrad Miniatures bring us a large set of 1/35th scale figures showing some Russian soldiers after a battle in WWII. Some of these alive, and some not. See how these figures look with references of the original scenes from the sculptor in today’s preview

New 1/35th scale figures from Stalingrad now available.
After a Battle II - Russian Soldiers, Summer 1941
1/35th scale
This large set of four Soviet soldiers mirrors the earlier set of Dead Germans that we have already looked at from Stalingrad – these are mirrors of the several pictures that the sculptor, Alexander Zelenkov has sent to us. He used these as his reference pictures for the sculpts here.
Here are the figures all together in the scene…
The three dead soldiers are seen in a picture of despair by their living comrade. The debris strewn around these scene of the soldiers adds to the picture although the set is for four figures only.

And here they are unpainted with their equipment and weapons of course included.
These new 1/35th scale figures from Stalingrad are now available now, for more info or distributors you can check out Stalingrad’s website: