Thursday, July 21

Bronco’s 4 new kits are as hot as the western desert where they served…

Bronco has four more new kits to hit the market in August. A 48th scale Tomahawk to continue their P-40 range along with some oil drums in the same scale, we also have two tanks from the desert that are variations of their range with new features, let’s have a look in our preview…

Broncos New Product for July 2016

Carro Armato L35/c (C.V.33/II Serie) w/ Swiss “Solothurn” S18-1100 20mm anti-tank gun
Kit No# CB35049
1/35th scale
This little Italian tank has been kitted by bronco before – but not with the Swiss “Solothurn” S18-1100 20mm anti-tank gun. This bigger weapon did nothing to change the look of this very dinky looking little Italian tankette. 

This kits in CAD form showing you the look and detail of the smallest of parts on this tank.
The feature set of this tank is on show here – notice that you have positionable hatches on both the fighting compartment and the engine bay. Two different styles of gun mantlet are provided and there are extras like spare road wheels and tools as well. The tools look pretty big on such a small tank. 

WWII German Assault Gun Sturmgeschütz III Ausf D (SdKfz 142) in North Africa
Kit No# CB35117
1/35th scale
An update of their StuG E kit – this “tropical” version of the short-gunned assault gun has all of the good things of the earlier model brother but added to with extra fuel, an option of a metal gun barrel, posable hatches and individual track links that are added to with photo etch details and new decals. It looks like a great addition to the family

Curtiss Tomahawk MK. II B FighterThe British Commonwealth Air Forces
Kit No# FB4007
1/48th scale
The British RAF used the P-40 in the western desert with some great success – the shark-mouthed tan-camouflaged “Tomahawk” as they called it, was an excellent ground attacker and these struck fear in many a truck driver on the North African roads.
This version of the P-40 comes with many features but notably the resin figure in 48th scale of the Australian ace who flew the Tomahawk Clive R Caldwell. Caldwell was the highest-scoring P-40 pilot from any air force and the highest-scoring Allied pilot in North Africa. He looks pretty detailed here.
This new version of Bronco’s P-40 has several features of note:

WWII German Jerry cans & Oil Drums
Kit No# FB4020
1/48th scale
Who does not need more fuel drums in their desert diorama – these new 48th scale drums will sit either any AFV or aircraft base diorama in your western Desert scheme…

These new kits from Bronco models should be available by the end of this month...