Saturday, August 13

Construction Review: Modern Russian Tankman in 35th scale from Neucraft Miniatures

With the huge surge in Soviet and Modern Russian tanks now on the modeller’s radar, we need to populate these brutes. Neucraft has released a new 35th scale modern Russian tanker (“A” – so hopefully more to come) – we have this first one here – so let’s have a look at what he is wearing and how the sculpt looks in the flesh/ resin…

Review: Modern Russian Tankman A
Kit No# 35001
1/35th scale
Grey resin, in two parts
Sculpted by Qing Yi
Painted by Han Dong

We need more quality figures for our tanks, and there are several great manufacturers making them – but when we see some new suppliers with what looks like a quality range we take interest. Neucraft has a burgeoning new range of figures of WWII, Modern and even a weird looking zombie creature coming our way, but this one was of interest to us – their 35001 figure of a Modern Russian Tankman in 35th scale.

This figure comes in a cardboard box and encased in bubble wrap. The box is a solid one – with no fear of anything inside breaking, it was all there when I opened it up = however, there were only two parts to this figure… 
The reason is that Neucraft has used some very good resin moulding practices to get him as detailed as they could but with as little time to put him together as you would need. The resin is bubble free and the detail of this sculpt is very nice indeed. IT seems to picture a younger man, with flowing hair popping out from under his padded tanker's helmet. He is a good looking sculpt with fine detail when you look at him out of the box.
We will look at his arm which is separate of the figure. This tanker is holding an AK-47 with a folded metal stock in his right arm. These weapons were handy because they gave the soldiers close in protection with a small size because of the folding butt. This weapon is well sculpted and the strap is included to save you time making and applying your own strap, and it gives you just that extra bit of detail.

The padded modern Russian tanker’s helmet is covered with a cloth fabric. The padded rims are symbolic of the Russian tank driver, and although there is only one head choice her - I think it is the RIGHT headgear choice. As I was saying earlier the face is finely detailed and hair tucked under the padded headgear looks very nice as well.

The “Afganka” (Афганка) Soviet army jacket and pants this tanker is wearing are the same Russian army suit that was used during the war in Afghanistan, and Chechnya wars and even still now by the Russian army. Popular with soldiers because of their warmth and lightness, these suits were very popular in the eighties onwards. Made from winter weight cotton, these were made in several small altered versions and this looks like the regular soldier’s version.
The fur collar and the chord through the waist is done very very well. With the four pockets on the torso screamin’ to be detailed in shades of baby-poo brown (it looks like that colour to me but apparently is a sand colour) The sleeves also have covered pockets on them also – and the soldier must be in winter as he is also wearing nice thick gloves.
Noitice how the RT cable is hanging down from his padded helmet? Nice
When you look at the two parts, they are well sculpted, however, the fingers and fine extremities do need some slight clean-up of extra resin from them. It’s not a big job – not at all - but I thought I would mention it’s there. In all this figure took five minutes to put together and he had no gaps when sealed up.
The pants are also well detailed – with patched knees and billowing cloth tucked into his knee-high boots.
/so there you have it. I know a quality figure when I see one - and the sculptor Qing Yi has done a great job. This figure required minimal clean-up, he is historically correct in his clothing and his body language ( and the addition of the AK-47) are great to see here.

I think it's a great figure to add to your dio - from the  80's till now. Well done Neucraft.

Adam Norenberg

Qing Yi’s products can be bought from the Neucraft Models website. Thanks to them for sending these two figures to us to make.
Neucraft offers a flat rate shipping of USD$6 for any number of kits.
To US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Israel, Norway, we ship via ePacket. Average delivery time 11 to 14 days. A tracking number is available.

To other countries, they ship via China Post registered air mail. Average delivery time 21 to 30 days. A tracking number is available.

Here is the Russian tanker figure painted up by the box artist Han Dong