Monday, August 15

Pegaso’s new figures, some great work now available in three new sculpts

Pegaso has released a trio of new figures for August. A Pikeman in alarm, A dandy soldier of fashion – sorry I mean fortune, and a great hero of the Napoleonic era are now up for grabs in their latest items.

Pegaso’s August Figures

CODE: #200-056
CATEGORY:18 Busts 1:9 (200mm)
SCULPTOR: Viktor Konnov
PAINTER: Massimo Pasquali
WEIGHT:120 gms
SCALE: 1/9th 
This Pike Man is seen in bust form in 1/9th scale and he is made from five parts of resin. A more experienced man by the look of him – he is very emotive facially, and he is looking at something impressive in the distance.
He is wearing a pointed helmet and cuirass, and although you cannot see much more than this on the bust, the face and the dynamic way his hair and body are moving in are the interest points here. 

CODE: 54-903
SCULPTOR: Richard Galicek
PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci
MATERIAL: white metal
WEIGHT: 650gms
SIZE: 54mm
SCALE: 1/32nd
PRICE: €78
Antoine-Charles-Louis, Comte de Lasalle (10 May 1775, Metz – 6 July 1809, Wagram) was a French cavalry general during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, often called "The Hussar General". He first gained fame for his role in the Capitulation of Stettin. Over the course of his short career, he became known as a daring adventurer and was credited with many exploits. Eventually, he fought on every front and was killed at the Battle of Wagram in 1809.
Statue of General Lasalle in Château de Lunéville

General Lasalle on the charge at Prenslow

This figure shows the general in a heroic pose that very much matches the statue of him in the Château de Lunéville. Very closely indeed – right up to the rounded off helmet – this is the rarer form of headgear depicted on LaSalle so this might be a good choice for him.
He is made from white metal in a sculpt by Richard Galicek in 54mm or 1/32nd scale.  Shown here on his horse rearing upwards, the intricate detail of the painting done with so many features to name here – is skilfully done by Danilo Cartacci.

CODE: 75-120
CATEGORY:11 Europe XVI Cen.
SCULPTOR: Carles Vaquero
PAINTER: Francesco Farabi
MATERIAL: white metal
SIZE: 75mm
SCALE: 1/24th
PRICE: € 37,19
This dandy swordsman from the 16th century looks as colourful as he could be dangerous. The long, pointed sword he is partially leaning on is accompanied by a shorted gladius style stabbing sword in his thick belt.
The steel helmet and shoulder guards go along with a cuirass or breastplate, which again is colourfully attired with fine cloth. This is why he must be good at being a soldier – his clothes are so expensive!
This figure, by Carles Vaquero is made from White metal in 24th scale (75mm), and in this case painted skilfully by Francesco Farabi. You could however, paint his colours however you wish, so he is a good choice for those not wanting to be bound to the correct shade…

These figures are now available from Pegaso’s distributors worldwide.
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