Thursday, August 18

Heavenly and hellish scenes in the new figures from Stalingrad Miniatures.

Three new releases from Stalingrad Miniatures are rather off their usual direction but fantastic and fantastical in their conception. See the most natural and the most unnatural the human form has to offer with their latest releases…

New figures from Stalingrad are available now.

Quarantine Checkpoint, Post-apocalypse
# 3711
Sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov
Boxart by Kirill Kanaev 
From a set of figures that is called “Quarantine”, these two figures look pretty cautious of what’s going on out there. The large lime suits that have clear fronts to reveal soldiers in military uniforms underneath. This must really be a grave situation that brings them out in these outfits.
Gesturing for someone – or something to “STOP!” while the other soldier holds his rifle upright too. Human, biological or maybe something else? We don’t know but these guys do not want any part of it.

Girl with Gun, Post-apocalypse
# 3721
Sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov
Boxart by Kirill Kanaev
From a scene called “Gasoline, Water and Bullets” we see this new figure of a sassy lassie on her way to either an NRA meeting or on the hunt for scarce resources. She’s armed with every young las’’ favourite sidearm, the M-4 carbine.
Also armed with some “dope” sunnies, some sweet pink shoes and a stars and stripes singlet, she is looking sweet and a little bit bad-ass at the same time. This is the girl I would steer clear of, however.

The Girl (75mm scale)
# 002
Sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov
Boxart by Kirill Kanaev
This is the girl I would want to not steer clear of – I think she must have just woken up or something, and somehow forgotten her belt cos’ she has lost her trousers.
Seriously, this is a beautiful woman sculpted in 75mm – attention has been paid to the hair, the folds of her shirt and of course to her body. TI’s up to the painter to give her a personality, and Mr Kanaev has done a great job here.
All of these figures and the big set are now available from Stalingrad’s Distributors worldwide