Tuesday, August 2

It's a small world after all - according to Revell's August releases...

Revell of Germany’s new kits and pieces for August are here already – some smaller scale and pretty simple to make for beginners and the more advanced smaller scale magicians out there. We thought you would like to see what’s on offer yourselves in our preview…

Revell’s August 2016 new Kit Preview

Product number #03948
1:144th Scale
length141 mm
number of parts 48
wingspan 103 mm
A model construction kit of the Su-27 Flanker. It is acknowledged as one of the best combat aircraft in the world.
Features of the model:
- Fuselage with recessed panel joints
- Undercarriage
- Pylons with guided weapons
Authentic decal set for following version:
- Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker , 159. Fighter-Squadron, Stargard AB, GDR, 1992

Product number #05797
1:72 Scale
This presentation set includes 4 model aircraft construction kits of the German Air Force that were forerunners during this 60-year period. The German Air Force was born on January 2, 1956 at Nörvenich airfield, since then its motto has been: “Make a contribution to peace and freedom”
- Fully detailed cockpits
- Ejection seats
- Fully detailed undercarriages
- Fully detailed jet engine exhaust nozzles
- Wing fuel tanks
- A comprehensive array of external loads
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Eurofighter Typhoon 30+68 60 Jahre Luftwaffe - June 2016
- Tornado IDS 43+50 TaktLwG 33, Büchel AB - September 2014
- F-4F Phantom II 38+74 JG-71 R , Wittmund AB - August 2007
- F-104G Starfighter 24+88 JaBoG-31 Boelcke , Nörvenich AB – 1972

Product number #03946
Length 277 mm
number of parts 51
wingspan 230 mm
1:144th scale
A model construction kit of the Boeing 727, one of the most successful short-haul airliners of the 70´s and 80´s.
Special features of the model:
- Lowered under-carriage
- Two engines
- Display stand
- Decal set for the Germania version

Length #214 mm
number of parts #57
1:32 scale
An easy to build model construction kit of the Kenworth COE (=Cabin over the engine) Aerodyne which is rated as Class 8 - the highest class, in the US Heavy Transport Vehicle classification table 
- Single piece body
- Detailed interior with integrated seats and dashboard
- Many chrome parts including wheel rims, radiator grill and exhaust system

Product number #04950
1:144th scale
Length 490 mm
number of parts 85
wingspan 446 mm
The Tour-Jumbo used by the fathers of Heavy Metal Iron Maiden as a unique model: During their The Book of Souls World Tour in 2016 the band will be travelling in their very own Boeing 747.
Special features of the model:
- Four CF-6 engines
- Detailed undercarriage bays
- Detailed undercarriage
- Under-carriage may be mounted in the lowered or retracted positions
- Detailed under-wing surfaces
- Super decal set with authentic transfers of the Ed Force One

1:144 Scale
Product number #03945
Length 120 mm
number of parts 46
wingspan 168 mm
A model construction kit of the US Navy's airborne radar station - the E-2C Hawkeye. 
Special features of the model:
- Rotatable propellers
- Detailed undercarriage
- Rotatable radar 

Authentic decal set for following version:
- Grumman E-2C Hawkeye, VAW-116, US Navy, USS Constellation, November 1994

1:100 scale
Length 146 mm
number of parts 56
rotor diameter 144 mm
An easy to build model construction kit of the first production version of this modern combat helicopter. 
- Rotatable main rotor
- Laser system, sensors and onboard cannon at front of the fuselage

Authentic decal set for following version:
- AH-64A, 3/227th Aviation Regiment, US Army, Hanau Army Airfield, Germany, 1988

Product number #03251
1:72 Scale
Length 90 mm
number of parts 144
A model construction kit of the 1942-built German medium tank in the L version.
- Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
- Rotating turret
- 5 cm L/60 gun 
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. L, unknown unit, Eastern Front, early 1943
- Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. L, 14 , Pz.Rgt. 2, 16. Pz.-Div., Stalingrad, autumn 1942

These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.