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Italeri’s new items of August 2016: some very cool kits in here..

The new Italeri items for August – we often say we like the look of new releases – but every single one of these is a great modelling prospect for fans out there. From a hot French delta to an anniversary Hornet, a canvas covered delivery to two supercars and an equally super bike - See them, with sprues & decal choices in our preview…

Italeri’s new items of September 2016

1/32nd scale
Model Dim.: 46,1 cm
Box Dim.: 560 x 280 x 115 mm
New Moulds - Super Decals Sheets for 6 Versions - Color Instructions Sheet - Photo Etched Fret Included
Decals for 6 versions in French, Spanish, South African, Swiss, and even Australian colours
The Dassault Mirage III is a reference point of the French aircraft production. It has been produced from the early sixties to provide to Armée de l’Air, the French Air Force, a reliable and effective fighter aircraft. The Mirage III rapidly became a commercial success and it was widely exported to several Countries taking part in a lot of conflicts between the seventies and the eighties.  Characterised by the delta wing design without a horizontal tailplane, thanks to its SNECMA Atar afterburning turbojet, it was able to exceed the speed of Mach 2. 
After the introduction of the single-seat interceptor Mirage IIIC, a new multirole and strike version has been implemented. The Mirage IIIE was born and it has been a successful version produced in a significant number of units.  It was characterised by a forward fuselage extension to permit the installation of the new avionic system. From the same airframe, including the fitting of cameras in the nose, Dassault has also been developed the reconnaissance variant designed as Mirage IIIR.

1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 37,8 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm
The Dutch Company DAF is today recognized as one of the leaders in the industrial and commercial vehicles market. Throughout its history the 95 series were, undoubtedly, a reference points it the DAF production. The development project of DAF 95 adopted several significant innovations that permitted to obtain an impressive success on the market: a modern cabin characterized by the highest comfort on board, integrated suspension system to maximize the driving comfort and, last but not least, the introduction of a very modern and reliable engine range based on the new 5-cyliners 11,6 litres WS/ATi (Advanced Turbo Intercooler) able to produce more than 383 HP. 

The series 95 was launched on the market in the second half of the '80s.On 1988, the DAF 95 won the award, based on the votes expressed by an international journalist’s jury, 'International Truck of the Year ".  Thanks to its reliability and efficiency, the DAF 95 has been used to perform a lot of transportation tasks.

1/72nd scale
Model Dim.: 23,7 cm
Box Dim.: 290 x 190 x 45 mm
2014 has been for the 'Swiss Air Force's 100th anniversary. To celebrate the event during the Payerne Air Show “Air14” from the 30th of August to the 7th September of 2014 was realized a new commemorative livery for one F-18. The event was a huge success, with around 400,000 visitors from all over the world. There were 184 performances over a period of four days.
During the event also they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Patrouille Suisse. That decal is depicted in this boxing.

1/9th scale
Model Dim.: 22 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm
Norton Motors Ltd was founded in 1898 by James Lansdowne Norton, but it is from 1907, after Rem Fowler won on the Isle of Man TT racetrack, that the sporting tradition of this iconic British brand begins. Between 1930 and 1937 Norton won 78 of the 92 Grand Prix races.
After World War II, expressly created for the competition from which takes its name (Isle of Man TT), the Norton Manx was born. In order to adapt it to the racetrack, it is the first one to opt for a double cradle frame (Featherbed), which, between 1947 and 1954, collects a long line of successes. The legendary single-cylinder Manx 500 was ridden to victory in the Isle of Man TT by the intrepid Geoff Duke, who was awarded for the World Championship in 1950 and 1951.

1/56th scale
Box Dim.: 258 x 162 x 38 mm
Version B : Mk. IV 25th Tank Brigade 51th R.T.R. Italy 1944 4726 Flat Dark Green
Version C : Mk. III “Kingforce” detachment El Alamein Egipt 1942 4720 Flat Sand 4768 Flat Black
Version D : NA75 21th Tank Brigade North Irish Horse Italy 1945 4728 Flat Olive Drab
Version E : AVRE 79th Armoured Division Normandy France 1944 4728 Flat Olive Drab

Decal Choices 

1/24 scale
Model Dim.: 18 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Very few cars manage to change the automobile world like the Miura. With its posterior longitudinal engine V12 and fascinating body, designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, the two-seater redefined the concept of a sports car. At its debut the Miura was the fastest production car in the world: With a speed over 280 kph and an acceleration from 0-100 kph in 5,1 seconds the Lamborghini Miura set new standards in the sports car segment.
The original Miura P400 was produced between 1966 and 1968, but the success story did not end there: The Miura was first developed further into the Miura S (1968-1971) with 370 HP and later into the Miura SV (1971-1973), which had wider mud guards and a greatly revamped 385 HP engine with separate lubricating systems for engine and gearbox.

1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 17,1 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Together with Miura, the Countach has represented the backbone of Lamborghini legend. In 1974 once again Bertone Marcello Gandini’s designer manage to draw a charming, unconventional car, which left speechless everybody. The first generation, the LP400, powered by a 4 litre V12 longitudinal engine, for a max speed of 315 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,6 seconds.
But with the birth in 1985 of the 5000 four valves, the performance are intended to improve further. This new version is powered by an improved V12, with an increased displacement and the important innovations of the four valves per cylinder, from which the correction in the name.

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