Saturday, August 6

Preview: Alpine Miniatures new 3rd Armored Division Tankers spearhead their way onto the shelves...

Third division vehicles seem to be popular with modellers, if only we had more tankers to fill them with – Well Alpine Miniatures has stepped into the breach with their new set of two figures sold separately or together replicating the 3rd Armoured finest. See the options and the sculpts in our preview.

Alpine Miniatures new releases: 3rd Armoured Division Tankers in 35th scale

We have already seen a previous set from Alpine Miniatures depicting the soldiers of the US 3rd Armored Division – they were very attached to their tanks and the body language of those might be a little more passive than these soldiers. 
We think they could well be used in the same setting, however – these guys on the deck while the other set could be positioned in their vehicles. Anyhow – let’s have a look at Bradley's finest in 35th scale in our preview…

US 3rd AD Corporal
1/35th scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Dr Jin Kim
This GI is seen here with two head choices – he has the option of either the M1 steel helmet with goggles or the padded tanker’s helmet (this time without goggles) that was derived originally from the early grid Iron helmet.
This GI wears the long overalls on his torso that are met by galoshes. These are the US herringbone twill type, with his regulation shirt underneath. You can see from the one stripe on his shoulders as well as the 3rd armour patch on his left shoulder as well. I like the subtlety the box art painter, Dr Jin Kim, has painted on the herringbone pattern here – it’s very good work – Indeed he has the hands of a surgeon!
On top of the overalls is the Tanker’s short jacket, and you can see the twin stripes of a Corporal and the US 3rd Div. patch on his left shoulder. Speaking of his shoulder, he is carrying a preferred weapon of the tankers in the short M3/M3A1 “Grease Gun”
The M3/M3A1 is still one of the most effective weapons of its type. Due to the large .45 ACP caliber round the M3/M3A1 fires and its simple construction with stamped/pressed steel it is very reliable, extremely simple to operate, compact, has a strong short-range knockdown power, relatively high controllability on full auto due to decreased cyclic rate of fire, it is simple to fix and maintain, and cheap to manufacture. The compact size, reliability, and stopping power of this weapon kept it in service with the U.S. for decades after WW2 (particularly among armored vehicle crews up until the introduction of the M4 Carbine), and it is still used in some countries into the 21st century.

US 3rd AD Staff Sergeant
1/35th scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim 
This US 3rd Division Sergeant is seen in similar but completely different attire. Thank god he isn’t sculpted to look like a tanker from “Fury” - he has the choice of two headgears just like his colleague – the Tanker’s helmets with goggles on top (– the latter one piece visors) as well as an outside of the tank – M1 Steel helmet choice which is decorated only this time with the chin strap.
Featured on this figure is again the "Jacket, Combat, Winter" (formal name) which was also called the "Tanker Jacket," because it was originally issued exclusively to armored units. Worn over a shirt, with the jacket as a top layer that also covered the pants or the winter overalls. On his shoulder ,you can see both the sergeant’s stripes and the 3rd armour patch which is on the left sleeve. The leather gloves he wears is easily detailed here with the ribbing given to them by the sculptor Mr Taesung Harmms.
The jacket is covered with a WWII era shoulder holster, designed to fit 1911 (M9) style guns, it is worn on top of the jacket in tan leather which is pretty prominent in this painted up figure.
Under his jacket, he wears what look like woollen M1943 Field trousers. These are tucked into the U.S. M38 canvas leggings the tanker is wearing over his boots.

US 3rd Armored Division Set (2 figures)
1/35th scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
Here they are together – these soldiers can be sold separately but together I think they are looking up to the usual Alpine Miniatures Standard. Against a Sherman as seen here is the perfect setting, although the fact that both tankers have the M1 steel helmet choice can place them away from their tank on duty or in a crowded scene.
These figures are sure to be popular with modellers, they are available now through the Alpine Miniatures Website…