Sunday, August 7

We look at Hobbyboss’ latest September 2016 kits in our new item preview...

Hobbyboss have four new releases for August - They are playing catch up with the MiG -31 & LWS while the Vickers & the Kosomolets tractor has a familiar feel as well - Let’s see the kits and sprues in the Hobbyboss preview…

Hobbyboss’ new items for
September 2016

1:48th scale
Model# 81753
The Mig-31 'Foxhound' was developed as the replacement of the Mig-25 'Foxbat’, the prototype Ye-155MP took the first flight on 16 September 1975.As the heaviest fighter/interceptor in the world, the Mig-31 is much heavier than other similar aircraft. At the same time, two powerful D-30-F6 engines and a stronger airframe gave it a top speed to Mach 2.8 at high altitude and Mach 1.23 at low altitude. 
The Mig-31 entered operational service with the Soviet Air Defence Force in 1982, they were sent on a variety of long-range and high-altitude missions. More than 300 aircraft are in service in both Russian and Kazakhstan.
Model Features
Model Dimension         Length: 472.3mm   Wingspan: 280.3mm
Total Sprues     24 sprues, fuselage and tires
Metal Parts       undercarriage
the kit consists of over 350 parts
Detailed fuselage & wing w/accurate design
Detailed cockpit
metal undercarriage
-rubber tires
-photo-etched parts included

Model #83879
1:35th scale
The Vickers Medium Mark II, derived from the Vickers Medium Mark I, was developed to replace the last of the Medium Mark Cs still in use. Production and rebuilding ran from 1925 until 1934. The tank was phased out of service from 1939, replaced by the Cruiser Mk I. It featured several improvements over the Vickers Mark I: a higher superstructure with the driver's visor on top of it instead of in front of it; an improved suspension protected by armour skirts; and Rackham clutches, providing a primitive form of mechanical servo-control. Due to a slightly higher weight, its rated speed was somewhat slower than that of the Medium Mark I, at 13 mph compared to 15 mph.
 Model Features
Model Dimensions: Length: 154mm   Width: 79mm
Total Sprues     13 sprues, upper hull and turret
The kit consists of over 740 parts
multi-slide moulded upper hull and turret
photo-etched parts included
individual tracks

Model #83848
1:35th scale
The T-20 was designed in 1936. They were manufactured during 1937-1941 at Factory no. 37, as well as at STZ and GAZ. The tractor was designed to tow light artillery pieces such as the 45mm anti-tank gun and the 120mm heavy mortar. The tractor could tow the weapons themselves plus a small quantity of ammunition, usually towed in a limber, along with up to six crewmen. Occasionally, two limbers were towed to increase the ammunition supply load.
Model Features
Model Dimensions       Length: 97mm   Width: 53.3mm
Total Sprues     16 sprues, lower hull and upper hull
The kit consists of over 300 parts
multi-slide moulded cab and lower hull
photo-etched parts included
individual track links

Model #82918
1:72nd scale
Development of the Land-Wasser-Schlepper (Land-Water-Tractor) started in 1936, but the first 7 vehicles were completed in July of 1940. An additional 14 were produced by March of 1941. It was designed by Rheinmetall-Borsig as an amphibious vehicle for use by engineers but it lacked storage and loading/unloading access. To overcome this problem, special 10 and 20-ton amphibious trailers were made. It carried 3 to 5 men crew and 20 passengers. Another problem was that it was unarmoured and could not operate effectively in the combat area. LWS saw service in Russia and North Africa.
Model Dimensions: Length:120 mm   Width:44 mm
Total Sprues     3 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and track
The kit consists of over 20 parts, including 3 clear parts

These kits will all be available from Hobbyboss’ distributors sometime in September 2016.