Sunday, October 30

Andrea Miniatures goes mainstream with two new series in 35th & 16th scales

The latest figure release from Andrea Miniatures is set we think to capture a few more of the mainstream modeller's cash. They have done this by selecting a new sculpt in popular military scales of 35th & 16th scales (1200mm) – and then added to this by selecting a Luftwaffe WWII Fallschirmjäger. Let's have a look...

One new figure in 35th & 16th from Andrea Miniatures...

Andrea Miniatures have made a return to the 35th scale figure making market. They have also included the 1/16th figure into their new series called “Eisernes Kreuz” or Iron Cross.
“Eisernes Kreuz” is a new line of WWII-era character figures from Andrea Miniatures that has been developed to replicate realistic reproductions of actual soldiers from WWII.
This series of figures relies heavily on a thorough study of period footage, photographs and documents. The use of original uniforms and equipment are part of the reference and sculpting process involving advanced modelling techniques including 3D and casting technology. This to us says maybe digital capture and sculpting. We are not sure of the method of casting, but what you see here in the parts of this figure, it looks pretty promising.
The Fallschirmjager are always a popular choice...
The reference used on this sculpt was this picture “Fallschirmjäger - Dordrecht bridge” from “Der Adler” magazine in August in 1940. The story that we found in relation to this figure gives a little background...
“The 1st and 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment were assigned the bridges over the Maas River in Dordrecht and Moerdijk. The 2nd Battalion was released on both sides of the river to capture the railroad bridge Moerdijk. This bridge was a high priority target as it passed over the estuary of the Maas River, which separates north from south of the Netherlands. The Luftwaffe bombed air defences and other defensive positions near the area. The assault was carried out according to plan and paratroopers held the bridge until the units of the 9th Panzer Division began crossing”
Let's have a look at the figures...

Fallschirmjäger, 1940 
1/35th scale
Painted by Carlos Royo
23 parts - cast resin and metal kit.
German Paratrooper from 1940 (Netherlands).
Scenic base included.
Kit: $20 or HQ Painting by skilled Andrea painters including full lighting and shadowing processes: $139

Fallschirmjäger, 1940 
1/16th scale (120 mm)
Painted by Carlos Royo
23 parts - cast resin and metal kit.
Scenic base included.
Kit: $65 or HQ Painted kit by skilled Andrea painters including full lighting & shadowing processes. $430
This figure is recreated wearing the M39 Fallschirmjäger Jump Helmet, Trousers and Fliegerbluse (Gefreiter) with his tall Fallschirmjäger Boots on his feet. Around his neck he carries a pair of field glasses – so we think this may be an officer or an NCO...
Equipment wise, he carries the M31 Bread Bag, Water Bottle & mess tin. On his entrenching tool is the scabbard for his long knife. These are attached to his belt. He also has soft pouches for rifle ammunition (I don't know why) with another soft pouch for the ammo of his Sub-machine gun.

Notice that he has a M24 Stick Grenade (Stielhandgranate 24) in his hand? Maybe he is expecting trouble?
This paratrooper carries an unusual weapon choice – the MP28 sub-machine gun. It was a German made gun, that had it's origins in WWI, and still in use until the latter, more well-known MP-40 became widely distributed to the troops. Based upon the MP18 from WWI, it was the first practical sub-machine gun used in combat, the MP28 was used during World War II by German troops and an early favourite of the Fallschirmjäger. It was favoured due to its compact size, rounds per minute, reliability and its side-mounted magazine, which made it easier to reload from a prone position. 
This figure is available in both scales right now from Andrea Miniatures web-shop and their distributors worldwide.