Tuesday, November 1

Ryefield captures Carius' Tiger in their new Mid-production kit...

Ryefield Models new 35th scale Tiger I adds a few new features to its Ausf.E Mid production boxing. This kit not only has a full interior and three marking choices – notably one tank ace Otto Carius himself. Let's have a look at what is coming our way in November...
A new kit from Ryfield Model

Tiger I Middle Production w/Full Interior.
Sd.Kfz. 181 Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E
Product No# RM-5010 
Expected Release Date: December 10th
Photo etch parts included
Markings for three Tiger I's Included
Decals printed by Cartograf
Website Link
On sale soon from HLJ
Ryefield models continue to storm through the Tiger I variants in 35th scale. The new boxing of a mid-production variant of the Sd.Kfz. 181 Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf.E Tiger I - mittlerer produktion (middle production) that also comes with a full interior. The kit also has a few add-ons and some interesting colour call outs to make some popular Tiger I's.
The full interior parts are pictured here in CAD. You can see from this side view the tanks including the turret and gun in position. This boxing includes more than the bare bones – although you can make the exterior only if you like.
The top-down view shows the impressive armourment storage, as well as the layout of the crew compartment and the engine bay a little more clearly. It also gives a view of just how much really is in this kit.
The turret basket platform has seats for the gunner, loader and commander, the spare "jerry cans" carried inside a rack. This,I had not seen before on this tank - or maybe not noticed. These, along with detailed controls and turret frame make this a great addition to the turret.
The mighty 88mm gun is seen here in CAD to good effect. The sight on the left and co-axial machine gun on the right are all included and they look like in fine detail as well.
The driver's compartment is also here. It includes the frontal gearbox and crew compartment for the driver and MG gunner/radio operator. Again it's very detailed, and one would hope that most people who make the kit will not loose it to be sealed up after it is finished. It looks here like you can build these part separately – I know that I would surely be interested in making that.
Just look a little more closely at the ammo storage lockers, some even stored under the floor. The rear of the wall is stacked with the machine gun ammo, while you can see the drive linkages under the floor as well.
The Maybach HL-210 engine, rated for 650 hp is shown here, with the main & auxiliary fan drives that were added. Also here are the fuel tanks that serve the engine with armour above them along with the radiators for the engine.
There are three marking choices in this kit. These profiles are supplied by the AMMO team. Three well-known version of Zimmerit coated Tiger I's let's look at them with a direct comparison of the real thing just below it.

Otto Carius' Tiger I "217" from Narva on the Eastern front in 1944
Tiger I "321" from Northern France in June 1944
Tiger I "342" from Mons in Belgium
The decals for these three Tiger I's are provided by Cartograf. This is a sign of them taking the kit seriously.
The mesh grills for the radiator deck, turnbuckles and catches are supplied here in photo etch parts.
Tool and OVM clasps are included here also on the photo etch.
The new part specific to this kit are a new one part (stronger) turret, this is easier to make ( and without a possible seam.) We see the other new parts on this sprue on the right.
Another good thing here is the tracks – this time the tracks are made with simple workable pins that secure these tracks but leave them workable. Now we are not concerned with the workable aspect – the fact that they are secured with pins is the good thing here. It's a nice addition and it seems Rye Field is thinking and listening to their customers.
Well lasty, and this is the question we are are NOT sure of yet - is that this kit comes with Zimmerit or not – we hope it is with the schemes picked here. We will find out and add the facts to this preview as soon as we know.

You can see Ryefield Models Website or check out their Facebook page for more on this, and their other kits.