Thursday, October 27

The “Rogue One” kits awaken…Bandai’s K-2SO in 12th scale

To add to the other releases in 12th scale, Bandai has released what we think will be a cult figure of the new “Rogue One” Star Wars movie. The Imperial enforcer droid-gone-good K-2SO. – we have the key points and images, so take a look at this new kit in our preview…

A new 1/12th scale K-2SO Droid from Bandai in December…

"K-2SO Droid” (Rogue One)
Bandai Models
1/12th scale
price 2,592 yen
December release
Product Link
Bandai is getting heavily into injection moulded star wars kits at the moment – new kits from the original Star Wars and Prequel series as well as the new “Force Awakens” have been featured in /12th scale, but now we see a new figure in 1/12th scale from the forthcoming Star wars story “Rogue One” is on the release horizon.
The Imperial Droid K-2SO in 1/12 scale is looking to get a release in December. We have a few pictures and details about the new kit – but “Who the hell is K-2SO” you might well ask? Let’s look a bit into the background of this new character.
K-2SO, sometimes pronounced “Kaytoo Esso” or “Kay-Tuesso,” was an enforcer droid originally created for use in the Galactic Empire's armed forces. At some point, however, the droid encountered Captain Cassian Andor - a member of the Alliance that was fighting to Restore the Republic, a resistance movement that sought to overthrow the Empire and restore democracy. Andor was able to reprogram K-2SO to serve the Alliance.
Along with a band of roguish Alliance operatives, K-2SO went on a daring mission to steal the plans for the Empire's moon-sized battle station, the Death Star. This is where several people might know this soon to be very popular robot from.
The Kit:
Bandai’s’ new model of this robot figure follow in the visual footsteps of the others in this series. The rather bold colours of the kit unpainted will give way to a more realistic shade under most modeller’s hands.
The real thing I like about this droid is that he IS a droid – the horrible ankle and knee joints that plague these kits is a simple plastic joint that echoes the mechanical parts of a robot – so this could well be the most accurate Bandai Star Wars kit yet!
What is a little odd is the support that holds K-2SO – The figure comes with the standard Bandai base with a foot mould, but there is also a stand included to help prop him up in a flexible type of pose that you might want to put him in.
The base that is supplied with the kit is connected to it, and it looks like it holds him up – something not many modellers would like to let lie. I think we will have to have a look at him when we get him to see if he stands up ok...
The droid also comes with two different hand poses and maybe articulated toe joints – we will see.
Accessories that come with this kit…
Display base
strut to support the figure for display
four types hand parts two open palms and two fist types.

This kit will be available in December from Bandai’s distributors
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