Wednesday, October 26

Takom launch four new futuristic machines (for their time) onto the market

TAKOM’s have four releases set to “hit” before Christmas – they are all kind of related to each an earlier model in either tooling or theme. A new inter-war Mk. IV a V-2 rocket & V-2 launch tractor/ Trailer combo + a Krupp Raumer S - all in 35th scale injected plastic. Let’s look at these very tempting kits and what we know so far.
Takom’s four new releases in 35th scale

Krupp Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb)
1/35th scale
Product No # 2053
Working wheels & doors
4 different marking choices available
This very unusual and futuristic looking WWII German Super Heavy Mine clearer is a heavily armoured minesweeper developed and built by Krupp for Germany during the Second World War. Weighing over 130 tons, this behemoth was effectively two sections articulated in the centre and moved by massive steel wheels that were 2.7 m in diameter. The vehicle was 15 m long and 4 m high. The track widths differed between the front and rear to encourage a wider sweep path.
Each section of the Raumer S was powered by a Maybach HL90 engine generating 360 hp and 3600 rpm. Although armaments were not placed on the prototype which was created, there were plans to mount 7.92mm MG-42 machine guns for both anti-personnel and anti-aircraft roles. At the end of the war, the existing Raumer S prototype was captured by the US Military; although what happened after it’s capture is unknown.

V-2 WWII German Single Stage Ballistic Missile
1/35th scale
Product No # 2075
Markings TBC
In a surprise attack – Takom has launched its own 35th scale V-2 missile straight at salivating modellers. The German A-4/V-2 was a Single Stage Ballistic Missile that heralded the start of space research. The V-2 or Aggregat 4, was the first long-range ballistic missile to be actively used in combat. This huge German rocket hurtled a one-ton warhead 50 miles high and hundreds of miles down range to its target. This site will try to give you an accurate account of the design, production and combat deployment of this weapon during World War II.
The missile also caused a lot of deaths. The many casualties in Britain and Europe during its attacks really do herald a warning of what could have been if the allies did not work so hard at trying to eliminate these rockets and their bases. Hopefully this kit will be an upgrade of what we have already from Dragon in injection plastic.
 You could even show this rocket in your own post-war testing diorama if your imagination is up to it...

V-2 Rocket & Meillerwagen & Hanomag SS100
1/35th scale
Product No # 2030
Erector platform can be made in launch & transport positions.
Workable wheels
Front wheels steerable
Launcher Included
Photo Etch & Clear Parts Included
6 different marking options
TAKOM’s new 35th scale WWII German V-2 Rocket comes with it’s own transport truck and trailer system. Designed to make these large missiles transportable and able to fire well away from the heavily targeted launch pads of places like Peenemunde, this new kit from Takom will be a monster when it “Launches”
Able to be made in a transport and firing modes, a thousand modellers are already going through the scenarios in their heads now I bet. This model should be available very soon – as the Hanomag Truck is already been released.
Hanomag SS-100 Schwerer Radschlepper/Heavy Tractor  was a heavy tractor multi-purpose vehicle with a D85 diesel, 6-cylinder, 8550 cc Engine. The dimensions of this truck are big enough - Overall specs: I=5545 X W=2460 X H=2420 mm, Weight: 6540 Kg (14,418 lbs), manufactured from 1936-45, after 1945 as the French ST-100.
The trailer launcher Meillerwagen consisted of two major components: the transportation frame and the erecting frame. The elevating assembly was powered by a hydraulic ram. The Meillerwagen would transport the V2 to the firing site, raise it, and then be used in fuelling and servicing the rocket.

Mk. IV Male/ Female “2 in 1 kit.”
1/35th scale
Product No # 2030
Photo etch Parts included
Wheels and tracks workable
4 different markings included in this boxing – including inter-war markings
This Mk. IV male/ female tank 2 in 1 kit from Takom seems to have all of the highlights of the earlier boxings – in addition to the click together tracks and inter-war decal choices (as hinted at on the box top) this looks like a good one to get if you missed out on the original boxings.
All of these boxings look like they will be available for at least before the end of the year. Check them out on TAKOM’s website.