Sunday, December 4

Alpine Miniatures, Three new figures + several spare heads = six new releases for December

Alpine Miniatures are releasing something very familiar, and something very different, along with a few spare heads to rub together, these make up their six new releases available right now. We walk you through them in our preview...

Alpine Miniatures New December Items

WSS Tiger Commander
The pictures show the figure with 2 different head choices
1/35th Scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
(Tiger I model by In Soo Ahn)
This Tiger commander of the SS is seen in a pretty typical style outfit for a tank commander. The inclusion of two head choices is great to be offered, the flat forage cap of the tank commander is seen with the pink Waffenfarbe Rosa piping on it, suggesting he is in the Panzer Korps, meanwhile the same piping can be seen on his collars also.
When the package says he is a Tiger Commander, he is seen here in a Panther turret, so we think that he could be used for most any of the German tanks large enough to handle him inside it.
The alternate head choice on this commander is the M43 peaked cap. This goes well with the Panzerjacke short jacket and pants. He is wearing the later war ankle boots, although you probably will not see them if he is inside the hatch!

WSS Tiger Crew 44/45
The pictures show the figure with 2 different head choices
1/35th Scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
(Tiger I model by In Soo Ahn)
This later war figure is seen in a dotted camouflaged version of what we saw with the all black clothing on the Tiger Commander. Pretty close anyway, this fellow has different boots on. You can still see the pink Waffenfarbe on the lapels of his jacket.
Again this soldier in 35th scale is wearing two different head choices, with the flat forage cap being one, and the peaked M43 cap being the other choice. You can see the SS death's head and national eagle emblem on both of them.
Seen lying against his tank fender, the turret, or wherever else he can fit. This Tiger crewman can be used for any of the German tanks, but with all of the new Tigers and King tigers out right now you would be mad not to use him on one of those.

WSS Tiger Crew Set (2 figure set)
The pictures show the figures, both with 2 different head choices each.
1/35th Scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
Tiger I model by In Soo Ahn
 This new set features both of these panzer men, who can be combined with similar gear from an era where the uniforms were quite mixed between newer and older stocks with veterans and younger tankers often put together. They both have a placid kind of body language so they suit the same or tanks in each others vicinities.

General Robert E. Lee
Alpine Miniatures
1/16th Scale
Sculpture by Palmer Murphy & Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Darren Han
Special Thanks to John Rosengrant
Well, it does like like the South is gonna do it after all! This new sculpt from the team of Palmer Murphy & Taesung Harmms features the controversial Civil War General Robert E. Lee.
Robert E. Lee, 1865-2007

Throughout his life, Robert E. Lee aspired to remarkably high standards of duty, honour, self-denial, and self-control; his personal qualities were thought by many of his contemporaries to be a worthy example. Lee was particularly revered in the South. Writers defending the "Lost Cause" of the Confederacy described him as a military genius who represented what was best about the Old South.

Here is The General in a heroic pose for the photographer.
And here he is in what must be his early era automobile – It has his name on the roof after all.
By the end of the 1800s, Lee was widely accepted as an American hero. Former Union officer Charles Francis Adams could eulogise his onetime opponent as "one of our sacred men" whom we "wish to resemble." Sculptors and painters depicted Lee as a noble figure, and Douglass Southall Freeman wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography about the general. Winston Churchill ranked Lee as "one of the noblest Americans who ever lived."
He is sculpted in 1/16th resin and this figure sports two head choices. One of those head choices features General Lee with a smart Felt Slouch Hat, and the other with his bare head so you can see his facial features just that little better. Both choices offer something, but actually, the head choice with the hat is more unlike most sculpts that exist of the man. Lucky we get them both huh?
Hat worn by General Robert E. Lee, displayed at The Museum of the Confederacy
General Robert E. Lee's sword which is on display at the MOC in Appomattox.
This is a very interesting figure of the man in this scale. Maybe we may see more of these historical figures from Alpine in the future.

WW2 US Infantry Head Set
This set includes 5 in 1/35 scale
1/35th Scale
This is a set of five of the head choices of US Infantrymen that Alpine Miniatures has already released. Combining your stock figures with these heads will make elevate these bodies to a head's worth of new heights!

WW2 US Tanker Head Set
This set includes 5 in 1/35 scale
1/35th Scale
Another set of five head to make your figure look 500% better! - these are from Alpine's US Tanker figures and are all great quality.

All of these figures are available right now from the Alpine Miniatures Webstore directly!