Monday, December 5

Two new Russian tankers to suit your most modern AFV's from Stalingrad Miniatures

Stalingrad are well known for the WWII era figures they often make, but now we are going fully modern, and Russian, with the creation of two modern tankers wearing the all new 6B48 Ratnik-ZK individual protection suits for all of your new Armata-series of AFV's. Let's see these two new tankers and the references for them both...
New Figures of modern Russian Tankers from Stalingrad Miniatures

Modern Russian Tankers
Newest 6B48 suit.
For the T-14 Armata tank series of model kits
Stalingrad Miniatures new figures feature two 35th scale tankers from the most modern of Russian vehicles, the “ARMATA” chassis set of AFV's. They are very well detailed to look 100% authentic, but for those of you that need a bit more reference on these new armoured suits the tankers wear, we have some pictures and info right here.
Russian tank crews are now receiving the first of the new 6B48 Ratnik-ZK individual protection kits developed by the Armocom company, according to a source in the Russian defence industry.
"The tank crews of the Russian Armed Forces have started to receive 6B48 Ratnik-ZK individual protection kits that will significantly increase the survivability of the tankers on the modern battlefield. The 6B48 kit was brought into service with the Land Forces in 2014. By mid-2016, several thousands Ratnik-ZL kits have been delivered to the customer," the source said.
The source also added that “6B48 has become the first Russian body armour that combines traditional ballistic fabric and innovative unwoven materials made of aramid fibre.” "The kit is comprised of a body armour suit, armoured combat vehicle crewman communications helmet, and two reinforced tank suits intended for summer and winter periods, respectively. The body armour has a weight of 3.2 kg and a 50% probability of protection against small fragments, flying at speeds up to 550 m/s. The helmet has a combat weight of 1.9 kg and a 50% probability of protection against small fragments, flying at speeds up to 630 m/s.

"Hey cats! where's the party at?"
The suit can hold 15 sec at high temperatures. Such period of time is enough to leave a burning vehicle, Russian defence analysts suppose. "The Armocom company has taken a proper account of Russian and foreign experience in the individual protection kits for tankers development. During the recent local conflicts, the wounds inflicted by small fragments have accounted for about 70% of all combat wounds. Hence, Russian tankers are receiving the equipment that will drastically increase their chances to survive on the battlefield," an analyst said.

The figures:
These two figures from Stalingrad are of a somewhat unfamiliar genre from this company and sculptor Mr Alexander Zelenkov. However, it is nice to see him looking after a new audience – and one that is probably starving for good, accurate and well composed modern day Russian soldiers to match with their modern AFVS.
The standing tanker has his right hand on his hip “tea-pot style” as he looks on, with a concentrative or maybe a cranky expression on his face. His helmet has a set of goggles perched on top of it, and his uniform is nicely detailed for you to paint.
The second tanker is seen sitting down and looking on to the scene in the distance. Seen with one arm slightly raised or maybe leaning on something, he wears gloves and a helmet without goggles in a slightly different uniform to his comrade. Different enough to create some variety if the pair are matched in a scene which is important.
Both of these soldiers in 35th scale are now available via the links on the Stalingrad Miniatures Website, where you can find the distributors of their kits worldwide.