Friday, December 30

New plastic for the new year - Miniart's new T-54-2 in 35th scale (full interior kit)

In the race to provide the breakthrough Medium tank to her armies, the Soviet union provided a few stages of development before launching the T-54 as we know it. MiniArt continues to go through the family, with this new, full interior kit in 35th scale of the T-54-2 variant. We take a look at the tank, the sprues, the CAD and markings in our preview...

Miniart's new T-54-2 in 35th scale (full interior kit)

T-54-2 Soviet Medium Tank. Mod 1949
1/35th scale
Kit No #37004
This kit includes full interior - Everything You Need For An Accurate Model In One Box
Total Details 1007
899 Plastic Parts
92 Photoetched Parts
16 Clear Plastic Parts
Decal Sheet For 6 Variants
Full-Colour Instruction
Fully Detailed Fighting Compartment
Fully Detailed Driver's Compartment
Interior Of Turret Accurately Represented
V-54 Engine Included
Cast Steel Surfaces Are Accurately Represented
All Hatches Can Be Posed Open Or Closed
Box: 385x240x80Mm

Not familiar with this variant of the T-54?

The evolution of the initial T-54 came in three stages before the real production tanks were made. It looked pretty much like the T-44 tank, but notably different in the new turret with a new mantlet.

The model 1948 was the first production series, also called T-54-1, and was substantially different from the previous prototypes, with increased protection (80 mm/3.15 on the sides, 30 mm/1.18 on the roof and 20 mm/0.79 in the bottom of the hull) and better ammunition (BR-412 series full-caliber APHE). About 1490 were made, all fitted with the early turret type, an improved version of the T-44 turret, but soon quality problems emerged. In 1949 the first modernization phase came with the T-54-2.
In 1949 the first modernization phase came with the T-54-2 variant (Ob'yekt 137R) or T-54 Model 1949. According to statistics stating that 90% of hits were taken a meter from the ground, the thick frontal upper plate was decreased to 100 mm (3.94 in). The turret design and AA mount were also modified. The new turret was inspired by the one fielded on the heavy IS-3, but with a characteristic overhang at the rear and shorter bustle.
An advanced powertrain comprised a multi-oil bath air cleaner and dust ejector, and a nozzle oil preheater reduced the warming time of the engine in cold weather. The tracks were expanded to 480 mm (18.9 in), reducing ground pressure. The fender machine-guns were removed in favour of a more conventional bow-mounted model. Only 423 were delivered by the Stalin Ural Tank Factory No. 183 (Uralvagonzavod) in 1950, followed by 800 more in 1951.
The T-54-2, designed by Morozov, during manoeuvres. It is recognisable by its “pig snout” mantlet instead of the T-44 style early mantlet.
this variant fought in many wars right across the globe up till modern times
 Several of these models still exist in museums despite their age...
The Kit
MiniArt are taking us through a journey on this popular series of tanks with full interior kits like this one – or simpler kits with no interior later to be released. This kit will leave you with absolutely everything you need to make a T-54-2 in the one box.

The sprues (some of these like the road wheels are in duplicate:

The CAD Drawings of the kit first the detailed interior
The hull top on...
And engine grills added in PE - sld gusrds, extrs trsckd and a large amount of stowage
The  1949 mod style turret is a speciality to this variant
The secondary and main armament
...lastly a walk around the whole model in CAD form
There are six markings in this box from Soviet usage in the middle of the cold war.

This kit is still in final development, and it will be available thru MiniArt's Distributors in the first quarter of 2017.