Monday, January 2

REVEALations as Revell of Germany shows us what is coming up in 2017...

So we have a list of the new kits of 2017 from Revell of Germany that are slated for this new year we find ourselves in. There are some VERY interesting new tooled kits which we all love to see and some not so new kits we are wondering if some are from other model makers. At the first view, these impress us a whole lot more than last year’s announcements did.

Revells sample of the new kits of  2017

The kits are separated not into scales or types but into difficulty – we will take you through the simplest to the most complex kits in this short pictorial preview of this year’s coming goodies from Germany…

Level III (easiest level)
Level IV - getting there...

(Hold on to your butts – it’s) Level V
These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’sDistributors worldwide (at some time) this year

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information on the kits or where your can get them closer to you then why not visit their website.