Saturday, January 21

Preview: AK Interactive's four new products for January 2017

AK Interactive has four new sets for January that are pretty much in the centre of many modeller's wish-list. A new set to accentuate yellow uniforms, as well as all your paint needs to colour you Vietnam GI's are combined with two new sets in co-operation with MENG for the 48th Mustang and the new 35th scale King Tiger. Check them out in our preview today...
AK-Interactive's new products for January 2017

Yellow Uniform Colours
Product No# AK3190
Price: 14€
This set is specially formulated for the decoration of figures with uniforms,
clothes or garments in any shade of yellow. The set is made up of six jars
with different tones of blue, so that either individually or mixed together,
you can decorate your figures with any yellow parts.

This set offers a perfect balance between a fusion of colours, opacity and intensity. The widest range of special acrylic paints for uniforms and figures of any era. Exclusive
formula strictly tested under all conditions by the best modellers.Pigments of the highest quality necessary for the treatment of figures like pieces of art specifications. Resistant to light and with better lasting power for figures to scale once painted.

Vietnam U.S. Green & Camouflage
Product No# AK3200
Price: 14€
This set is specially formulated for the decoration of figures with uniforms
used during the Vietnam War by the U.S. Army. In this set, you will find all
the necessary colours to paint all the green colours used by ground forces
and also all the camouflages available at the time: from the tiger camouflage
to woodland camouflage and leaves camouflage for the helmets.

This set contains:
-AK-3023 Dark Green.
-AK-3024 Light Green.
-AK-3025 Medium Green.
-AK-3064 Green Black.
-AK-3075 US Field Drab.
-AK-3143 Grey Green.

Aircraft Meatal Colours
(in co-operation with MENG Models)
Product No# MC-812
Price: 14€
This set, with the mighty P-51 - one of the most emblematic fighter planes of all WWII on its cover, allows you to represent the American planes with metal skins or olive green painting versions serving during the war like the P-51, P-47, P-38, P-39, B -17, B-24, etc. This set also includes the two interior colours you will need for these aircraft variants.
This set contains:
-MC-502 Silver.
-MC-511 Aluminum.
-MC-298 U.S. Olive Drab.
-MC-299 Interior Yellow or Zinc Chromate.
-MC-300 Interior Green.
-MC-202 Rubber Black.

WWII German Vehicle Camouflage Colors Vol.1
(in co-operation with MENG Models)
Product No# MC-813
Price: 14€
This set contains all the necessary colours to paint a King Tiger in its different
variants. The colours are indicated to paint other German tanks of toward the end of
the war. Colours are made with a Scale Reduction effect that will allow us to get the right
colour for our models. Soluble in water, odourless and non-toxic.
This set contains:
-MC-002 Matt White.
-MC-013 Light Yellow.
-MC-256 German Dark Yellow.
-MC-257 German Dark Grey High Light.
-MC-258 German Light Olive Green.
-MC-259 German Red Brown.

All of these new sets are now available from the AK Interactive website – also check out their other painting, weathering and learning guides & books