Friday, January 20

Preview from Luftfahrtverlag Start: “To the Gates of Moscow with the 3rd Panzer Division.”

Axel's team at Luftfahrtverlag Start have an important new tome they have just released – This is the story of a medical officer on his attachment to the 3rd Panzer Division in Southern Russia. Through his journal and many included pictures, maps & accounts, you can experience the hell of the eastern front in 1941. Find out all you need to know about this very impressive new book in our preview...

New book on sale from Luftfahrtverlag start

To The Gates of Moscow with the 3rd Panzer Division
- A Medical Officer in the Campaign against Russia”
Author: Axel Urbanke
Release date: January 2017
Size: 24 x 28,5 cm – large format
Pages: 568
Photos: 444 photos, (244 coloured)
Further Information: 40 coloured maps
ISBN: 978-3-941437-29-6
Weight: 3,5 kg
Price: 79 Euro + Shipping
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How did the soldiers of the Wehrmacht really experience the attack on the Soviet Union and the battles that followed? Few of the books on the subject of the war in Russia provide an honest answer. This book delivers a real view of events. Assistenzsarzt Dr. Türk’s abbreviated diary entries from the year 1941, supplemented by documentary supporting text, 40 colour maps, and a large number of his colour slides represent a unique documentation. It provides an exemplary and genuine view, unaffected by postwar influences or a selective choice of materials, of how many soldiers of the Wehrmacht perceived the first half year of the campaign in the east.
Take part in the attack near Brest-Litovsk, experience the fierce fighting at the Beresina and the Dniepr, march south with the division to close the Kiev pocket, and prepare for the assault on Moscow. Then follows the advance on Orel, and the arrival of the snow and cold. You stand with the soldiers in the icy trenches in front of Tula and witness the house-to-house fighting in the mining town of Bolokhovka.
One cannot escape Dr. Türk’s haunting diary entries. They do not spare the reader any details, instead, you are provided with his extraordinary insights and allow the reader to feel the events as they were.
Here one can read what father and grandfather experienced in the Russian campaign but never spoke of at home. This book will hopefully spur those born later, those who were spared this inferno, to reflect, for the majority of the front-line soldiers in Russia did not go voluntarily into this struggle.
In addition to its impressive text, this book contains an unsurpassed photo section. 230 colour and 200 black-and-white photos, all taken by Dr. Türk during the advance on Moscow, allow the reader to feel the events close up. Never before has such a number of previously unpublished colour photos appeared in one book about the campaign in Russia.
Weighing almost 3.5 kilogrammes, like all of our publications this book is produced in large format and printed on high-quality glossy paper. The text is printed in English and German.
To get this book (while it's hot) or just to have a look for more info, check out the Luftfahrtverlag Website for this and all of their other great books (& decals)